He came for the blood of his enemy, but took me instead. 

Andrei Kozlov. Ruthless head of the notorious Kozlov crime family. A tattooed, seductive monster, as dangerous as he is beautiful.

When he catches me escaping from his rival’s clutches, I pray he’s going to be my savior—but Andrei is no one’s savior.

Held captive at his palatial estate, he uses me as a pawn, training me as a spy to uncover his family’s ugly secrets.

All I want is my freedom, but the more I fight him, the more he demands of me—body and soul.

With each passing day, my hatred for Andrei transforms into something truly dangerous—an insatiable hunger for his touch. Every stolen moment draws me in further, his every command a siren call that I can’t resist. But the deeper we go, the thornier the path becomes.

If I don’t free myself from his grasp soon, he’ll send me to my death. Even if it destroys us both.

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