Shattered Perfection by Heather Guimond is only 99c!

Available on All Platforms

He was the man of her dreams…until it all became a nightmare.

It was just a chance encounter…Mimi Bishop found him when she wasn’t even looking. And isn’t that how the greatest loves are supposed to be? Vance Ashcroft was unlike anyone she’d ever met— he was perfect– and together they were perfect.

They instantly connected. Shared dynamic chemistry and started a relationship filled with humor, happiness, and steamy sensuality. It was all so effortless.

Until her perfect husband disappears before her eyes, growing cold and hostile, then finally violent. In an instant, their perfection is destroyed. Mimi attempts to heal, but she can’t escape the haunting memories of their love.

And just when she thinks she can finally put the past behind her, Mimi discovers a devastating secret about Vance… one that threatens to shatter her forever.

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