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The couples featured are:
Levi & Raina
Drew & Mable
Dean & Kinsley
Jaiden & Shay (surprise!)

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Third Couple- Dean & Kinsley

The following excerpts are from their book, Saving Me.

And a little reminder who Jaiden & Shay are!

I knew she loved him more than she ever loved me.

I knew she was broken, hurting inside from another man’s doing.

I knew I shouldn’t have fallen for her. I didn’t expect to.

But there she was—alone and hurting—and all I wanted to do was fix it. Fix whatever was making her feel that way.

Always a fixer. My mom would say as she tousled my hair. You don’t have to fix everything for everyone. My sweet boy with a heart bigger than the city we live in.

Those words rang in my mind yet never stopped me.

Now I’m broken.

And the last thing I want is to fix someone.

Or be with someone.

Or hell, love someone.

But we all know we can tell ourselves one thing but then say or do another. Sometimes with no control of our own. And our brain can give us advice, but so can our heart.

It’s figuring out which one to listen to and when.


I watch Kinsley sleep beside me, her soft breathing the only sound in the stillness of the early morning.

My head is a jumbled mess.

I didn’t expect my mother’s sadness, and it killed me to see her so scared.

And now, this amazing woman stumbles into my life. Soon, she won’t be my mother’s social worker and maybe…no, stop.

Feelings like this…

Or just feelings… those don’t happen to me anymore.



My heart is not open for business.

It beats to keep me alive, and that’s it.

But this woman…

Her warmth sinks inside me, weaving its way around my heart and thawing the thick ice shield I’ve built.


“Fewer people do this much for others, even for their parents. It’s admirable and so selfless.” When I finish, Dean doesn’t say anything, only looks at me, and I’m afraid I said way too much. I sound like I like him or something.

I do like him. But just as a friend.

Okay, who are you trying to convince here?

“Wow, Kinsley. That was really nice of you to say. Thank you.”

My cheeks are hot, and I hope he can’t see in the car’s darkness.

You’ve spent a lot of time with him today. It’s normal to feel…some sort of way.

Don’t deny it. You’ve felt attraction since the moment you met him.

I wish I could shut my head up, but it’s no use. My mind spins with a thousand thoughts.

DO you remember who Jaiden & Shay are?

Shay is Kinsley’s best friend and Jaiden is one of Dean’s friends. Shay’s a happily single lady whose only down for hookups and Jaiden is a player no matter how much he likes to deny it. When Dean and Kinsley walk in on them together, they both refuse to admit anything happened. But when they can’t stop hooking up, they end up with a lot more than they bargained for. 

Jaiden & Shay get their very own short story and we’ll find out just how the only sex thing is working out!

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