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Who is she? The mysterious model from last night? The tabloids call her the only bright spot from my show.

As a fashion designer, I used to live for The House of Gallagher’s shows. But these days the trade press only seem interested in slamming my new collections. Last night wasn’t any different, until she showed.

If the hype is to be believed, she’s set to take the New York fashion scene by storm. The second I saw her coming down the runway, I knew I had to have her. But first, I’ll have to find her.


I should have called in sick and avoided the office today. Then, my best friend Nicole wouldn’t go on and on about how I’ve taken social media by storm. I had temporary brain damage when I agreed to take the place of one of the models at the launch of Gallagher’s new collection. Coerced is more accurate.

My manager threatened to ensure I’d never work in the fashion industry again if I refused. It’s a miracle I didn’t hurl during my walk of shame. This is so not what I had in mind when I started my internship at Gallagher six months ago. Being a world-famous model was Kristen’s dream. Not mine. I just hope I’m not getting fired over this.

Will Celina lose her internship, or will she become the next big sensation? Will Travis Gallagher find out that the mysterious model he so desires, already works for him?

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