99¢ SALE from Salvation Series!!

My life is all about calculated risks, when to push the throttle and when to ease back so when I meet Kyle Garret one night in a bar near Miramar, I let him win me over with his charming wit and enigmatic smile even though my gut tells me that I’m headed for a crash…

99¢ SALE

I came on vacation to reclaim my independence, not to end up with another man, but the universe had other plans when it put an ex-Navy SEAL in the condo next door.
The moment Riker walks up, I sense something familiar about him.
I try to keep my distance, knowing that anything that comes of it will be temporary.
But it seems the harder I try, the more everything goes wrong, and I find myself relying on him more and more.
At the end of the week, we’ll be separated by hundreds of miles. Will our brief encounter flourish into something that can bring us together again?
Or will it fade into memory?

99¢ SALE

I fell in love with Beckett Armstrong before either one of us knew what that meant. He was my first kiss. My first love.

My entire world.

We promised each other forever, and we meant it wholeheartedly. But unfortunately, when tragedy struck, love wasn’t nearly enough to save us.

Little did we know… it would only get worse from there.

Twelve years later, Beckett and I wear our scars like finely crafted armor. We’ve been in survival mode for so long, we’ve forgotten how to live. After everything we’ve endured, can we move beyond the pain to forge a future together?

Or are we destined to repeat the mistakes of our past?

99¢ SALE

The moment I saw her,I knew she was everything.Everything I searched for in all the wrong places.Everything I wanted from all the wrong people.She’s everything I need at the worst time.But nothing I deserve.Avery is unlike any woman I’ve ever known—sweet, smart, strong and haunted.I know I should keep my distance, but life put her in my path for a reason that I can’t ignore.It doesn’t matter how dangerous it gets.How many blows threaten to shatter the ground we stand on.I’ll endure whatever it takes—sacrifice everything, including my last breath—to protect her and her little girl from the past she’s fighting to escape.Even if it means facing my own…Because in the end, all that matters is that they’re mine.

99¢ SALE

Lauren is laser-focused on her budding career. After a devastating breakup, she’s ready to take the cosmetics industry by storm as the new social media influencer for Raven Cosmetic’s. Exactly the brand she needs to elevate her career. What she doesn’t expect is what fame and notoriety will do to her life, and more importantly, the danger that comes with it.

Daniel is a tough as nails former military man who knows his way around difficult situations, but nothing in his stellar career has prepared him for the likes of Lauren, his self-absorbed, over-the-top client. While she focuses on her next move in the industry, he must remain focused on her safety, but that proves difficult when someone from his past makes a surprise appearance and Lauren’s fame takes an ugly and dangerous turn.

Can these opposites get in sync or will the forces against them bring them tumbling down?

99¢ SALE

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