Off Limits is on sale for only $0.99!

For the first time ever, Off Limits is on sale for only $0.99! Grab your copy now!


She’s my best friend’s little sister …

That alone should be enough to make me keep my hands to myself. Knowing her brother’s extra protective should seal the deal.

But after Ellie turns up on our doorstep while her brother’s not home and falls asleep on the couch after a misunderstanding with her roommate, I can’t seem to stay away.

I’m not normally the kind of guy who only wants what he can’t have, but in Ellie’s case, I seem to be making an exception.

But how can I have her brother’s back on the football field while stabbing him in it the rest of the time?

Off Limits is a standalone college sports romance featuring a grumpy left tackle and his best friend’s sunshiny little sister. All the feels and an HEA guaranteed!

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