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Nothing good happens in a monster’s bedroom.

Roman Lenkov could burn the world to ashes.

Ice blue eyes, fingers like a sculptor. He’s beautiful and terrible. Cruel but fair.

And a member of a secret society of ultra-powerful, ultra-wealthy men called The Oligarchs.

Mafias bow at his feet. Woman beg to spend one night in his luxurious bed.

And I want absolutely nothing to do with that psychopath.

Three years ago, my life was shattered at the end of a knife.

Now all I want is a quiet life in a sleepy ocean town.

But Roman needs me for his revenge, and there’s no escaping his powerful grasp.

It doesn’t matter if I’ve sworn off handsome gangsters in custom suits.

When Roman takes me, it feels like lust and sin and everything I’m supposed to hate, but don’t.

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