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I’m a hunter. I hunt the evil in this world. I thought I’d seen it all but nothing prepared me for The Gatekeepers. They warned me to walk away and they would leave me alone. 

But walking away wasn’t for me, I took an oath when I became a detective to protect my city. They warned me again. I should have listened. I never thought I’d pay such a big price for trying to rid this world of evil.

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Note to readers: please read all trigger warnings for this dark romance.

She isn’t mine, but that won’t stop me from keeping her.
My job is never easy.
They fight, claw, and plead for me to let them go.
But I never do.
I’m the collector for Victor, a ruthless Russian mob boss.
I collect every time.
I never fail.
Until Mila.
I knew this day would come.
Victor threatened to send his collector.
He warned me I would return one way or another.
That time is now.
I go willingly.
I don’t fight or scream.
I know it’s pointless.
But The Collector breaks the rules.
He doesn’t take me to Victor.
He keeps me for himself.
Only, he has no idea what he’s set in motion.
He has no idea who I am.
Now his fate is sealed along with mine.


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Matteo and Skylar share one epic weekend before fate and a phone call rip them apart.

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After walking away from a relationship that ended her career, and almost her life, Brooke Mather opens Crossroads Mountain Retreat—a rehabilitation center for injured law enforcement and veterans nestled in the Smoky Mountains. She pours her heart and soul into healing herself and others, but when the man who nearly destroyed her seems to breech her safe haven, she realizes she’s never truly left his grasp.

Crossroads Mountain Retreat is the last place Detective Lincoln Sawyer wants to be after a devastating accident leaves him injured. But when a crime entangles the beautiful owner, he’s drawn into the action. As both of their lives get caught in the crosshairs, he’s determined to keep Brooke safe.

Brooke can’t afford to get attached to the hunky cop who plans to return to Nashville. But when Lincoln puts his life on the line for her, the walls around her heart crumble.

As Brooke’s stalker gets closer, he gets more brazen, and she knows it’s only a matter of time before his next strike is a success.

Brooke and Lincoln are no match against the criminal’s years of obsession and unleashed rage. Someone wants them both dead and innocent lives are in jeopardy until the madman gets what he wants—her.


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