FREE!!! Banished: A Dystopian Fated Mates Omegaverse Romance

I don’t need a savior. Or a bodyguard.
Or the protection of a seven-foot-tall, rugged Alpha who thinks he can lay claim to whatever he wants—including me.

After I was chained by the Uncaged, I planned my escape. As much as I want to resist my abductor, I can’t deny the untamed heat coursing through my body whenever he touches me.

An unbreakable mate bond has formed between us, but the guilt of my past becomes a burden. He knows my secret. And if I reveal all, the clans may go to war.

I’m determined to fight my way out of this. But the uncaged beast enjoys the thrill of the hunt. He calls me his omega and declares I am his to claim.

Banished is Xenon’s and Meadow’s romance arc. Each book of the series should be read in publication order to complete the main story arc.

FREE through tomorrow!

Amazon: https://LVhUsPEsgLRpQ

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