If you’re a guy like me, and you find yourself having banged your sexy new boss—the school principal—in the back of your Jeep one drunken night, here’s a few takeaways based on my experience…

Lesson One: Always get her FULL name.

Lesson Two: Consider asking what she does for a living.

Lesson Three: Find out why she’s moved to town. Get details. Details are crucial.

Lesson Four: Don’t alter her bio in front of an auditorium of high school students unless you know she has a sense of humor for that sort of thing.

Lesson Five: If you ignore Lesson Four, apologize instead of flirt when you’re sent to the principal’s office.

Lesson Six: NEVER sleep with her again.

Lesson Seven: Pay attention to this one—it’s the most important of them all. Don’t fall for your one-night stand.

Class dismissed.

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What happened to us?

We made heartfelt promises that night.

And she broke every one.

She’s still the only woman I’ve ever loved.

But now I want answers.


I didn’t stand a chance with boys my own age, much less my best friend’s handsome older brother.

But Logan loved my curves.

I loved him too. That’s why I did what I did.

He’s a country music sensation now.

I’m a single mom earning minimum wage.

He’ll never forgive the lies I told.

If he learns the truth, 

he’ll despise me.

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Hating You  by J.L. Beck & C. Hallman

✓ Touch and Die vibes

✓ Dark Romance

✓ Bully Romance

✓ Enemies to Lovers

✓ Obsessed Hero

✓  Twist and Turns

✓  Revenge Trope

Mad about the Banker by Piper Rayne 

✓ Brother’s best friend

✓ Mistaken Identity

✓ Found Family

Single Dad

A broken-hearted single mother finds true love in the heart of a damaged billionaire.Ready for a fresh start, Penny takes a trip to a beach resort to clear her head & heal.The next thing she knows, she is being thrown from a jet ski, buried in ocean waves, and finds herself in the strong masculine arms of Solomon Montgomery. She instantly connects with this drop-dead gorgeous beach bum who works at the local sports shack. -SO SHE THINKS-They are both drawn to each other but unwilling to let their guards down, pretending to hate each other. Until one passionate night on the beach, hostility turns into healing, and they find themselves falling deeply in love. But, the next morning, an unexpected visitor from the past shows up, threatening to ruin everything.Solomon and Penny are blown apart, and it looks like there is no hope, especially when Penny discovers Solomon’s secret identity as a billionaire. Solomon hopes against hope to get a second chance, determined to find Penny and win her heart again.

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They say if you love something, let it go…

Letting her walk away wasn’t an easy decision, but what woman wanted to be saddled with a man running on borrowed time?

Tick tock.

The golden ticket that brought them together was as much a curse as a blessing, tangled in Fate’s meddling fingers.

If he subjected her to his darker urges, the side he never wanted her to see, surely she’d be the one to walk away.

But testing Meadow’s limits excites him, especially when she responds to his heavy hand with delight, and his dominance isn’t the dividing force he hoped it would be.

Devoted submission earned her a place by his side, on her knees, where she belonged.

…if it’s meant to be, it will return to you.

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Don’t get involved with the hot boss, especially if he’s your ex’s older brother. 

When I got promoted into my dream job, my new boss introduced himself like we’d never met.

How could he forget that his family destroyed me years ago? 

I wanted my past to stay buried. But shame and rage slingshot me back to my grief-stricken, vengeful, teenage self. I was a wounded animal cornered in a boardroom. 

Then I saw him with his daughter and my heart melted.       

By the end of  the day, I was in his living room wearing a bathrobe, as his eyes roamed my curves. His deep voice and musky scent made me crawl onto his lap. He breathed into my ear the things I needed him to do.

But I wasn’t ready to forgive him or his family. 

And I wasn’t ready for the double pink surprise, either.

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I calmed his demons. He created mine.Macon Davis.
My best friend’s brother.
My tormentor.
My least favorite person.
Pothead. Delinquent.
A careless, directionless loser.

That’s what I used to believe,
but I didn’t really know him.
And when I finally saw him,
it was the best and worst thing to ever happen to me.

We burned hot and fast.
Passion. Anger. Love. Pain.
We were reckless. Naive.
We were doomed from the start.

When I finally saw Macon Davis for who he was,
we both went down in the flames.


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“My heart might belong to Sebastian Kane, but so do a million others.”

I know better than to get involved with celebrities. Especially a Rock God like Sebastian Kane. A man who knows how to make the ladies scream, as evidenced by the leak of his recent sex tape.

Which leads to my problem… I’m the girl in the video with him.

Grief will make you do crazy things. After all, I’m the smart girl, the good girl, not the rebel.

But now I’m face to face with the one man I was never supposed to see again. A man with a gorgeous dark smile and even darker secrets.

They say hindsight is 20/20.
And that’s the problem with rock stars.
They make bad decisions so damn irresistible, right before they break your heart.


I’ve been in love with my best friend since we were kids, but Alyssa Martinez has never looked at me like that.

Why would she? We’re complete opposites. I’m the nerdy guy who prefers books and computers to people, while she’s the popular girl everybody loves.

Then everything changes.

Her jerk boyfriend leaves her when he finds out she’s pregnant, her parents disown her, and she gets kicked out of her apartment. So I do the only thing I can.

I offer her a place to stay.

My place.

There is just one problem.

I only have one bed.

It shouldn’t be weird. After all, we’ve known each other our whole lives. But she’s in my space, tempting me in every way imaginable.

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