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A weekend of hot sex can’t erase past heartbreaks, but it might lead to a better tomorrow.

Molly arrives at a beautiful park, ready to spend the holiday camping with friends. This weekend is the highlight of her year—or it was, until Tanner Daivies shows up. Her high school crush is all grown up, sexy as sin, and he’s demanding answers—answers Molly isn’t sure she can give.

Years ago, Molly Simpson broke his heart. When the woman he loved told him she needed space, Tanner gave it to her—for ten long years. Now he’s back. He’ll settle for closure but hopes for a future. Sex with Molly is scorching hot and brings back plenty of memories. When they’re together, it’s clear they were never meant to be apart.

It may be time to deal with the past. But is reliving it worth the risk to their hearts?


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Hollywood bad boy Brad Sinclair always gets his way, whether it’s the role he wants or the bikini-clad model he has to have. But when a bombshell gets dropped in his lap in the form of a dimpled five-year-old from a forgotten relationship, he knows his life is about to change forever.

Cara DuMont isn’t exactly thrilled when she gets assigned to be the nanny for the latest box-office king. She has one rule: no celebrity fathers, especially single ones with devilish good looks and rock-hard abs.

But as soon as Cara meets Brad and his adorable little girl, she knows she’s in for a world of trouble. Because there’s something about the way Brad looks at her that makes her believe that some rules are meant to be broken?


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Gator has spent his entire life roaming the murky swamps of Louisiana, his love for the alligators and other creatures of the wild running deep in his veins. The nickname ‘Gator’ had been bestowed upon him by his Jokers MC brothers, a name that he had grown to wear as a badge of honor.

But all the beasts he had ever encountered paled in comparison to the heart-stopping moment when he locked eyes with Sylvie, the woman from his past. Memories of her flooded his mind, and he felt a rush of emotions that he had buried deep inside himself for years. She had taken care of him when he was a young boy, and he had never forgotten her kindness.

But seeing her again, Gator knew that she was in trouble. Her toxic relationship with her boyfriend from twenty-four years ago had left her a shell of the girl he once knew, and Gator was determined to protect her from harm.

The danger lurking around Sylvie was greater than he ever imagined, and Gator soon found himself entangled in a web of secrets and lies that threatened to unravel everything he held dear. Yet, even as he faced his own mortality, he knew that the swamp would never betray those who respected it.

As fate would have it, someone else from his past emerged, someone who would change his life in ways he never thought possible. Someone who would leave Gator with a future he had only ever dreamed of.

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Miss Maria, daughter of Lord and Lady Willcox has been regretting her scandalous behavior the past summer, which cost her a possible match. On the bright side though, she now has plenty of time to think about her future. As Maria ventures out for a stroll through the market of Portsmouth, along with her brother and her best friend, the last thing she would expect was an ambush of pirates. In an attempt to flee the chaos, Maria comes face to face with the most handsome man she’s ever seen. His eyes tantalize her. Will she be able to resist this forbidden temptation?

When James, a pirate who has travelled from the Barbary Coast to the British Islands, sees Maria he can’t help but think that he’s never seen a more beautiful creature ever in his life. His tanned skin, long brown hair and his mysterious green eyes make him the most wanted pirate in town. But from the moment he spotted her, he knew she should be his, at any cost. How much will he be willing to risk for her?

As Maria is thrown into a whole new world where survival becomes crucial, she’ll quickly realise that there is a whole other side to the man that kidnapped her. The more Maria tries to escape, the more her heart beats in an insane speed for the man with the dark, green eyes. What kind of games will fate play?

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Never kiss your brother’s grumpy best friend.
And make sure you don’t get pregnant with his baby.

My favorite hobby is my sworn enemy –Derek Stein– my brother’s billionaire best friend.
He’s the itch I can’t scratch and is nothing but trouble.

I should hate this arrogant, emotionally unavailable, infuriating man.
But he’s chiseled like a greek god and the last man I wanted to think about that way.

I keep him at arm’s length—until a dare turns into a kiss and lands me at his mansion.
Next thing I know, I’m having a night of passion that no woman would ever forget.

What if one crazy dare means falling in love?

I’m a good girl, but I’m falling for the wrong man.
I’d rather die than ever admit it. To myself or my brother.

But Derek decides I’m someone he wants.
And I’m his hot prey.

Until I tell him…
He’s about to become a daddy.

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Join the Diamond Empire as this mafia family shows the world who rules, and the men protect the women they love in this limited edition five-book collection.

The Wrath of Cain

Eloped at the age of 18. Separated at the age of 18. Disappeared at the age of 18. This is what happened to Calla Greer. Her perfect life was shattered on her wedding day when she caught her husband Cain with another woman just hours after they said I do. With her heart broken, she moves across the border to Windsor, Canada to get away from the nightmare she stumbled upon. After six long years of still being married, Calla returns to Detroit to have Cain sign divorce papers. Only Cain has changed. He’s bitter, angry, and for a good reason. Cain Bexley had 15 minutes to destroy his marriage to protect the woman he loved. He did the only thing he could think of to make her leave. He jumped in bed with a woman. Life at home was a lie. Lives were at risk. People are not who they seem. When Calla shows up begging for a divorce. He shows her exactly who he is and no way in hell will he sign those papers. When all the lies surface will she be able to forgive everyone she has trusted in her life or will Calla turn to the man who destroyed her?

The Redemption of Roan

Roan Diamond’s loyalty to the family may be obligated by blood, but nobody ever said he had to love them all, right? As the next in line to head the Diamond dynasty, he has loose ends to take care of, and one of those is his brother Royal. Yet his plans for revenge fall apart the minute he lays eyes on Alina—Royal’s ex-girlfriend, who also happens to be the daughter of the rival Solokov family. As a mafia princess, Alina Solokov knew it wouldn’t be easy when she made the decision ten years ago to leave the family for a new life at a college in England—but betrayal is often a dish served cold by those who you love the most. Now, back in the United States after a job offer that she couldn’t refuse, her new found strength is pushed to the limits when Royal returns to claim her for his own.

The Absolution of Aidan

Aidan Hughes. I was cruel to Deidre La Russo. Said things I should never say to a woman.Seen things happen to her. Things darker than the bottle of liquor I consume. I felt helpless. Defeated. The memories are more tortuous than the act of her torture. Then she walks back into my life, only she’s not alone.

The Deliverance of Dilan

Dilan Levy. The mystery man. The man with a war to end. The man who was put behind bars for a crime he didn’t commit. The man who disappeared. The man who fell for an innocent woman. The man is back to deliver his rightful revenge.


Our Empire is crumbling right before my eyes. No one can be trusted for reasons that are consuming me, controlling me and ripping me away from my family. This new family who has taken over the streets of New York has taken someone away from us. We will not let them take anymore. The only way to stop them is to sacrifice one of us. I’m loved. I’m lost. I hate.

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Cowboy Jack Rydell watches the woman pull onto his ranch and somehow knows that trouble has come to his three brothers, his two sons, and most of all: to himself.

When Erin Poletti arrives at the Rydell River Ranch in River’s End, Washington, looking to stay with her hated brother Chance, she never intends for it to be anything more than a pit stop on the way to the rest of her life. After her mother’s suicide, Erin has no choice but to seek out her brother where he works as a ranch hand, as she is left penniless, homeless and for reasons she will share with no one; without the basic skills to navigate her life.

However, no one distrusts her motives or dislikes her more than widower Jack Rydell.

But unforeseen circumstances leave Erin nearly destitute on the ranch, and finally reveals the secret Erin has desperately hidden. And only then, does Jack finally begin to know the woman whose presence has so altered his life. Eventually, Erin finds a job, and starts to work with Jack and his horses in order to repay the debts she feels she owes him. But the longer Erin is there Jack begins to wonder if he can resist the woman he now knows, despite everything that stands between them.

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