💙๑๑NEW RELEASE๑๑💙 ☠️BUTTERFLY and KULT☠️ by Lucian Bane!


இ ☠️BUTTERFLY and KULT☠️ இ

Series: Royal Bastards MC


Author: Lucian Bane

Cover Designer: Lucian Bane Graphics


🔷 https://amzn.to/3nOD3V7


Kult has his blood thirsty hands full with proving Quantum has ulterior motives to get Butterfly away from Kult & his brothers …permanently.

He doesn’t get very far when fate sends a wrecking ball named Mary into their lives,

revealing a more sinister threat than his brother Quantum.

Turns out the monsters in his head have been plotting against him and once they meet Mary, their storms take a shocking turn that could break them all.

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✔ Website/Series Links: https://www.royalbastardsmc.com/

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