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There’s a name whispered in the halls of men. One connected to power, drive, and determination. But also, with ruthlessness and a desire so deep, it’s willing to do anything.

Not just anyone can become a member, and you have to prove yourself more than once, but only those in the inner sanctum will know.

Welcome to The Sect. Let me introduce you to the new blood.

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The one unbreakable rule in the Man Code is this: no matter how beautiful, smart, and clever she is, do not fall in love with your best friend’s woman.

Yeah, so I screwed up big time when I fell for her.

I might have let my sin of unrequited love slide, given everything that went down in the last few years, but Lulu just walked back into my life as vibrant as ever.

And the cards are stacked against me once again. We’re working together, and the last thing I want to do is mess up her life with a forbidden office romance now that she’s finally got the fresh start she deserves.

Trouble is, she’s even more irresistible than ever, and this time around I’m not sure any code can hold me back.

Even if I stand to lose everything…



For years I’ve watched her.

Wanted her.

Craved her.

But I never, ever touched her…

Until that night.

When I caved and took what wasn’t mine to take.

The innocent girl I watched from the shadows grew into a tempting goddess who deserved better than my darkness.

One look. One touch. One mistake.

She didn’t just see me… she saw through me.

Revealing my identity was a price I wasn’t willing to pay.

But I was wrong.

She bought me with her touch.

I walked away once, and if I know what’s good for me, I’ll do it again.

But my best intentions are about to be obliterated…

When I find her in the one place she shouldn’t be.

Covering for her means risking the wrath of her family.

The longer I’m forced to keep this secret, the less I care about what it could cost me.

And you know what they say about bad behaviour?

The same thing as good deeds…

They shouldn’t go unpunished.


She agreed to play. She agreed to be mine.
I won’t let her change the rules of the game.

Violence has always been part of my life. I was angry as a child, underchallenged and neglected, with no outlet for my dangerous rage.
Years have passed, and I’m no longer a victim of my own aggression.
I’m in control now.
A control that many seek to surrender.
Just like her.
My Pet.
The beautiful blonde who agreed to bend to my will.

She agreed to be kidnapped and locked away until our contract is over.
She’s here to play a role.
But her defiance seems too real, her terror too honest. Watching her struggle is bone-chilling.
She’s getting to me like no one ever has before, seizing a heart that cannot love.
Or so I thought…

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It’s Getting Hot In Here.

Never trust a Big Prick and a Smile!

I HATE my neighbor-next-door with a passion, and I know exactly WHY.

There he is, standing on his stupid manicured grass as I am moving in.

Jake O’Conner.

It’s probably short for Jacob or something else just as obnoxious.

Turns out, Mr. Big Bulge with the green eyes, is a billionaire NFL player.

My body wants to run over and tackle him, but that’s just way too tacky. 

As a doctor…I definitely don’t need a man.

If he thinks he’s gonna hit it and quit it, this game is over before it even starts.

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A rare moment of weakness. A burning desire impossible to deny. Forbidden words I should never have spoken…

Seven years ago, I confessed my darkest secret to my brother’s girlfriend.
When she broke up with him and walked out of our lives, she took my secret with her.
But, with my band set to go on tour around the world, I have a problem. I need a nanny for my autistic daughter. And unfortunately, Viola Starr, my brother’s ex, is the perfect fit.
Now, there is no escaping her. Or our past.
Five months and she’ll be out of my life again.
Five months of ignoring lingering, heated glances. The fire she draws out of me. The way she loves my daughter.
Five months… And my world is about to come crashing down around me.

Jobless and financially destitute, I have no choice but to take this job.
Even with my boss hating my guts. A fact he goes out of his way to prove every chance he gets.
Lucky for me, the best part of Jasper Diamond is his daughter. But being the nanny on the road with one of the world’s biggest rock bands poses more challenges than I was expecting–-including falling for the elusive frontman.
Now with the world chasing after us, how long can we hide what others are determined to exploit?
They say there is a thin line between love and hate.
That all good things must come to an end.
Set on a collision course, nothing could have prepared us for this.
Or for what fate has in store for us…

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This pitch could make or break my career.

Not only will it set a personal record for the biggest account I’ve ever landed, but it could set my newfound company three years ahead of schedule for expansion.

Thank god I’ve got Nate Bellinger on my team.

Even though I had my reservations hiring the sexiest man I’ve ever laid eyes on – he more than meets my expectations with his hard work and determination. Together, we’ve formed a solid team and play off each other perfectly.

As we wait for the final verdict, I begrudgingly take Nate up on his offer for a night on the town. After all, this is Vegas and I need to let the chips fall where they may.

Imagine my surprise when I wake up the next morning to find we’ve not only won the campaign, but I’m apparently married to the man I’ve only ever let myself fantasize about.

The kicker of it all – he has no intentions of letting me go…

But what will it mean once we leave Vegas?


He’s tattooed, cocky, and hot as hell. The MMA superstar everyone loves to hate. Now it’s my job to clean up his image…before it’s too late.

I never meant to become the P.R. specialist for the biggest jerks in professional sports. Unfortunately, I built a reputation for turning douchebags into media darlings, and now I’m stuck.

I know all about men like Jase Rawlins and have the emotional scars to prove it. I want nothing to do with him, but my boss makes an offer I can’t refuse. My dreams are finally within reach, and the more I get to know Jase, the more I wonder if I’ve gotten him all wrong. He may be bossy and infuriating, but he’s hiding a heart as massive as his ego.

Can I trust the feelings growing between us when my career and his freedom are on the line?

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I’ve loved Ronan King for years, but the billionaire security mogul has every reason to hate me for the losses he’s suffered at my family’s hands.

Yet when I’m in danger, Ronan is the one who comes to my rescue. He whisks me off to his penthouse and swears to protect me.

I finally have a chance with the man I’ve always wanted. But with a sinister enemy closing in, can I stay alive for long enough to keep him

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Cadillac Cowboy by Cynthia D’Alba is FREE!

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From NYT-USA Today Best Selling Author comes a story of a cop, an antique Cadillac, and a bride on the run from her mob fiancé. What could possibly go wrong? 

Relocating from Chicago to Texas, cop Shade Gruber agrees to drive his grandmother’s prize car to his new home in Diamond Lakes. He expects some car issues. He doesn’t expect to pick up a runaway bride.

Bride Victoria Vaught dashes from the church thirty minutes before the I-Do’s. Stranded in her bridal attire when her car breaks down, she starts walking, desperate to get as far from Chicago as possible.

Their journey is filled with twists, turns and bumps…and a stolen flogger! But can this unexpected roadtrip lead to love?

A career-ending injury changed his life.
Creed Lachlan was forced out of the Navy SEALs and now works as a freelance contractor for Guardian Security. His current mission is to identify the production site for emerging “dirty” bombs. His contact in Cuba wasn’t the sixty-year-old man he’d been told to expect, but a sultry beauty with a sassy attitude was hellbent on driving him insane.

Mariella Diaz was her uncle’s right arm.
She was intelligent, smart, and, unfortunately, a woman who would never inherit her uncle’s business. Her uncle sat atop the largest black-market organization in Cuba. As his niece, Mariella routinely outmaneuvered the corrupt communist regime to provide the people of her country with necessities. Her skills were why her uncle assigned her to him– the grumpy, sexy-as-sin American who aggravated her at every turn. Even so, keeping him and his team out of danger would require extra diligence.

In a game of cat and mouse played out in a deadly arena, Mariella and Creed face more perilous risks than capture, torture, and imprisonment. They risked losing each other.

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