We are thrilled to share a teaser from THE BLOOD WE CRAVE PART 2 by Monty Jay coming April 30!


Pre-Order Here: https://bit.ly/3KrSiw8


Will obsession be enough?

I’d always believed my love was enough to save him. To protect him.

I was wrong.

The Copycat killer gets closer every day, and I can’t help but feel his every move is in my direction.

With dead ends around every curve and bodies piling up, it seems our time is running out.

They took him from me. Stole the last bit of light and left him empty.

Now, it’s not only the Hollow Boys who are seeking revenge.

I’m out for blood. A war path for vengeance.

They wanted a villain?

I’ll give them one.

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Read the first book, The Blood We Crave, here:  https://amzn.to/3WEkdNn

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