ALL I WANT, the first book in the All of Me duet, by A.D. Justice is FREE for a LIMITED TIME!! 

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Right time. Right place. Right woman. I was blowing off steam when a guys’ trip led to a hot fling. She was exactly what I needed for our ten days together.
I said I’d never fall in love.
I said I’d never get attached.
We were never supposed to see each other again.
We were never supposed to be anything more.
But when she comes back into my life, I remind myself of one thing: Wrong place. Wrong time. Wrong man.

All I Want is book one in the compelling All of Me duet series.

The Men of Steel: Steel Brothers Box Set by MJ Fields Books is FREE for a LIMITED TIME!! 

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Meet The Steel Brothers.

These tattooed, pierced, and oh so sinful brothers have sworn they would never settle down.
But as we know, the bigger they are, the harder they fall.

Tank is FREE for a limited time!

He wants to be more than her friend…

Rob Parker, aka Tank, is the unluckiest bastard alive. After losing his job and wrecking his bike, his days are filled with boredom and too many bad habits to count. He also can’t seem to get away from the woman who torments the hell out of him—and worse, she belongs to another.

One moment changes Catarina’s world…

Each time Catarina’s boyfriend rips her heart out, her best friend Tank is there to listen. He’s also the guy with the strongest arms to run to. When her life takes yet another nosedive, Tank can’t keep his hands off her, and she finds just how good his rough touch makes her feel. But losing her best friend isn’t an option—what would she do without him? Scarier question is…what will she do if she doesn’t act on her growing feelings?

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Tam Cornell is too old for me; too hard, too cold, too everything. 
It was never supposed to be him.
I know he’s pushing me, trying to send me back to a father who is just as ruthless as he is. 
He thinks he can shock me with his filthy words and violent touch, but nothing he can expose me to will make me leave. 
My father has always taught me family is everything.
And in thirty days Tam Cornell will become my family, too, whether he likes it or not.


I’ll give Hallie Wynter thirty days.
Thirty days of living with me before I’ll marry her.
Thirty days for her to tell me no, so I can send her running back to my family’s biggest rival—her father.
She might act tough, but I don’t doubt my ability to break her.
She’s so innocent. So naïve.
The girl will be begging to go home by the time I’m done with her.

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A fake relationship with a sexy cowboy in a small town is never a good idea…


After high school, my plan was to leave the small town of Mason Creek and never look back. I thought I’d work my way through college while my long-time, bull rider boyfriend chased his rodeo dreams and took me along for the ride.

My own dreams of becoming his publicist and living the high life together on the ABR circuit were crushed when it became clear that my eight seconds was up. The buckle bunnies were suddenly more appealing than the girl with her nose buried in the books.

I’ve sworn off men, especially cowboys and bull riders.

That is, until I walk in on one in my shower, naked, wet, and built like he could break my heart… and my bed.


The rodeo has been my whole world, and all it took was one false accusation to bring it crumbling down. I cleared my name, but the organization I’ve given my life and my body to for the past seven years doesn’t give a damn. They don’t want the drama and right now they don’t want me.

That’s how I ended up in Mason Creek, hiding from the cameras while the dust settles and I can reclaim my reputation and my rank in the ABR. The last thing I need is to get messed up with a local girl, especially one who hates cowboys–bull riders in particular.

Our relationship may be just for show, but I see the opportunity for what it is…The chance to keep my secret a little longer and prove to Alana that maybe her problem with bull riders is simple…

She hasn’t ridden the right one yet.

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Get your FREE copy of Jameson’s Salvation!

If there was ever a time when Jameson Grant wished he was a different sort of man, it was now. The sort of man who had it in him to accept the promise of tomorrow from a sweet woman. But he wasn’t the kind of man who liked sweet. The former SEAL didn’t like much of anything or anyone. His past had taught him that people where liars and cheats and his time as a Special Forces operator taught him people also killed and manipulated. So Jameson did what he did best and walked away from the sexy blonde, with legs that were every man’s fantasy. But when she comes back in desperate need of help, he cannot turn is back on the beautiful Kennedy Lane a second time.

Kennedy Lane was in trouble and she only knew one man who could help. But when she went in search of her childhood friend, the owner of Gemini Group, she found his sexy teammate Jameson instead. The man was positively broody, and brash, and most certainly rough around the edges, and possibly the most distrusting person she’d ever met. He was also hot, and bossy, and when he forgot to be a jerk, he was sweet. The problem was, he wasn’t interested in her—not personally. Jameson had one mission—keep Kennedy safe—a directive he’d made crystal clear.

As the pressure to sell her land increases, the team quickly realizes just how far the greedy land developer will go in his quest to steal everything Kennedy loves. Nothing is off limits and no one is safe. Lines blur when Kennedy’s life is on the line and Jameson can no longer deny he’s fallen for the woman he never dared to dream existed. Now time’s running out—literally—and it’s up to Jameson to save the woman he loves.

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