99c SALE! Adrenaline by A.L. Woods!

Adrenaline by A.L. Woods is only 99c for a very limited time!

“This book was a masterpiece… it truly is the best book I’ve read this year.” – Goodreads reviewer

“5 stars for this mesmerising dark tale!” – Goodreads reviewer

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From the bestselling author of Lies and Rain, comes the first standalone in the steamy and spine-tingling In Secret We Sin dark romance sub-series set within the Reflections universe…

Four years ago, I betrayed his trust.
He retaliated by breaking my heart.

Adam Ryan had secrets.
The kind better off where they belonged.

As an urban explorer, I’m not afraid of a little trouble.
But when I venture to the one place Adam forbade me from, I get more than I bargained for.

Him and his friends.
Along with their threats.
Their violence.
And their lust.

Adam might claim to still hate me.
What he hates more?
That his friends want me, too.
But they’re not the only threat to my existence.
Someone else is after me.
Someone who knows Adam’s secrets as well as they know mine.

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