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A one-night stand

Left me with a secret baby…

fathered by my father’s worst enemy. 

Letting a stranger touch me was a mistake.

After all, I knew he was evil in the worst possible way.

What kind of man laughs when he sees a woman nearly attacked?

But he saved me from Russian kidnappers.

And my hatred and distaste for him blossomed, then deepened into something dark and undeniable. I couldn’t resist his dark charm, his brooding good looks, that incredible body that left me feeling safe and sexy all at once…

We shared one night together.

A mistake. A very passionate, hot mistake with a man whose physique makes my mouth water and a glare that makes my body respond.

And now I’m pregnant.

I’m in deep trouble.

Because I am about the start a mafia war…

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English gangster Leo Cornell is a fair-haired devil with an ice-blue gaze that cuts right through me.
Thinking he’ll get his revenge on my father, he’s stolen me from one prison and landed me straight in another.
Except he’s not the only manipulator around. I’ll twist his cruelty to work for my own devices.
He thinks he’ll ruin me, but he’s protecting me from someone worse.
He just doesn’t know it yet.

I snatched Kaja from her bed in the middle of night like a monster in a fairy-tale.
My plan to degrade her will make her murderous father feel my pain.
But as I get to know her, she awakens something inside me I thought was long dead.
I know it’s wrong, but her slender body and silky dark hair fascinate me.
I call her my Raven…
Will I set her free before I destroy her?

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