Wicked Winemakers First Label series is on SALE!!

Get Brix’s Bid eBook for FREE! Get Ridge’s Release and Press’ Passion for $.99 each!

Crisp, sweet, or dry—these billionaire winemakers will have your mouth-watering for more…

Protective, smart, rugged, and powerful, these winemakers have it all. Whether they’re making wine or making love, the fiery and independent women by their sides are beyond content. And when their women are threatened or hurt, you bet these alphas take action to protect the ladies they love.

Start saving your pennies now. This year’s Wicked Winemakers’ Ball is going to whet your whistle when these billionaires go up for auction. Bid now for the bachelor that curls your toes and keeps you guessing. 

Going once…

Going twice…

Get Brix’s Bid for FREE!

Get Ridge’s Release for .99¢

Get Press’ Passion for .99¢

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