Tease by Melanie Harlow is FREE!

I didn’t mean to say I was engaged to a hot billionaire–it just slipped out.

In my defense, I’d had a really bad haircut, a really strong drink, and I was trying to save face in front of the Mean Girl at my high school reunion.

Lucky for me, I happen to know a hot billionaire. Hutton French and I have been friends forever, and even though big social gatherings are not his thing, I called him from the coat closet and begged him for a favor–show up and play my fake fiancé for the night.

Except that word of our engagement spreads like wildfire. Our families are ecstatic. We’re front page news. My little food blog is launched into the stratosphere.

Of course, I offer to set the record straight right away, but Hutton wants to give it a little time–the phony engagement will keep his matrimony-mad mother and every matchmaking granny in town off his back.

He even suggests I move in with him to make the ruse more real.

And we don’t stop there.

We practice kissing. Undressing each other. Saying things–and doing things–we’d never dare if we weren’t pretending. Because it’s all for show, right? We’re just role-playing. Hutton doesn’t want a real relationship, and I don’t want to get hurt. But the more time we spend faking it, the more I start to wonder.

Could Hutton French and I actually be right for each other, or is it all just one big tease?

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A stand-alone, small-town romance about a single mom and the man who comes back to reclaim her heart from USA Today bestselling author Tia Louise is FREE!

Jackson Cane is red-hot cinnamon, salt water, and sin…

He’s the kind of trouble I don’t need.

He’s the kind of trouble that waltzes into my dreams Every. Single. Night.

Emberly Warren is spicy-sweet seduction.

My biggest temptation. My biggest regret.

I thought she’d always be waiting for me. I was wrong.

Now I’m back in Oceanside searching for peace, hoping to escape what my life has become.

She isn’t supposed to be here, dark hair blowing in the ocean breeze, luscious curves barely hidden by thin cotton.

Memories so hot they burn my mind…

I didn’t come back for her. But when we touch, I know I’ll do whatever it takes to make her mine.

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Get your FREE copy of Mason: Knights of Stone!

Kayla knows it is forbidden to cross into gargoyle territory. But the draw of their unconventional music is too tempting. She sneaks away from the witches’ forest.

Mason plans to seduce the pixie-like female in the audience. But when he discovers she’s a tree witch, an enemy to his kind, he must stay away.

Temptation grows strong…

But other elements command their attention.

Something more dangerous haunts the wolf shifters of the isle.

The full moon is coming.

And with magical veil protecting the island thinning, there will be blood…

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Get your FREE copy of April 2023 – Thrust by Sybil Bartel!


I know the game. I know the angle. I know how to make you beg.

My hands on your body, my mouth hovering over yours—I’ll tell you everything you want to hear. Ten inches of real estate never felt so good.

But don’t take my word for it. My client list is long and my motto is short—one single thrust and you’re mine. I’m not good at what I do, I’m fantastic. But satisfaction doesn’t come cheap. So open your wallet and prepare to forget your name. I’m about to ruin you for any other man.

One single thrust and you’re mine.



How do I get talked into these things?

Sure, I want to raise money for the library, but does it have to involve a Valentine’s date auction, a strip club, and my biggest crush?

Yes, yes of course it does.

Because that’s my awkward life getting hijacked by my friends and their quest to find me a mate… uh, make that date.

Fine. I’ll go to this dumb event. Nobody said I had to bid on anyone, right?


I thought I’d found my one true mate before, only to get my heart trampled. The last thing I want to do is take some random woman on a Valentine’s date. Even if it is for a good cause.

Yet here I am standing around in nothing but red silk boxers and a pair of cupid wings because my alpha is intent on spreading the love around and getting every enforcer in the pack mated.

That’s not going to happen tonight… until the cute AF, nerdy, curvy girl librarian I’ve been having fantasies about walks in all sweet and shy and my wolf decides right then and there that she is mine.

Now if I can get her to win me as a date so I can win her heart.

Time to get my flirt on.

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She was running for her life. He was the deadly Marine with nothing left to lose.

I surf.
I sleep around.
I pretend to smile.

Two years ago my life was perfect, until it wasn’t. I scattered my wife’s ashes then walked away from the Marines. I didn’t think I had anything left to lose.

Then the blonde showed up on my doorstep beaten and stabbed. I did what I was trained to do—I stitched her up. I didn’t have a clue who she was and I told myself I didn’t care… Until they came for her.

I swore I’d take my last breath before I let anyone else hurt her, except I didn’t know she was keeping a deadly secret. Now I had two choices, her life or mine.

But marriage and combat taught me the same thing—I wasn’t a hero. I was a lethal Marine.

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These are dangerous times on Etherya’s Earth…

Slayer Princess Miranda has hated the Vampyres for a thousand years. Since the Awakening, she’s fought to protect her people, choosing to be a warrior more than a royal. When a female Vampyre washes up on the shore of her compound’s riverbank, she seizes the opportunity to take the offensive.

Vampyre King Sathan, distraught at his sister’s captivity, agrees to travel with Miranda to extract the Blade of Pestilence, also hoping to change his people’s state of endless war. Although the woman hates him due to the constant raids on her compound for the Slayers’ life-giving blood, he can’t help but admire the stubborn and strong princess.

Determined to fight their growing attraction, they forge a tentative truce while Miranda battles the constant yearning to feel the hulking Vampyre’s fangs scrape against her neck…

Their faith in each other must remain strong or all will be lost…






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