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Series: Royal Bastards MC


Author: @ MorganJaneMitchell

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From USA Today Bestselling Author Morgan Jane Mitchell comes the next installment of her Royal Bastards MC: Nashville, TN Chapter series, Royal Pain.

Biker Prince of the Smokey Rollers MC, Riff was born bad. A biker rat, he was set to inherit the Presidency. But after his father’s motorcycle club disbanded, his prospects of ruling one day all but disappeared. That was until he found the Royal Bastards MC in Nashville and quickly became Road Captain.

Dead set on taking over for Kingpin, Riff has become a Royal Pain around the club. All that changes once Mary arrives.

Finally free of her childhood prison, Mary knows nothing of the outside world, let alone the biker lifestyle at Royal Road. After choosing to leave her Amish family, being offered a job as a live-in nurse seems like a dream come true. She quickly finds out how different things are at Royal Road. Not only different but depraved. The more she learns the more she questions leaving her Godly home.

Thankfully there’s a hot biker around more than willing to show her the ropes. Can Riff convince her it’s not all bad when the outlaw biker life is all he’s ever known?

Riff having something he wants more than becoming President of an MC couldn’t come at a worse time as Kingpin’s disaster comes to a head. Will his focus on not only showing Mary around but also protecting her from the evils of the club make him miss the perfect opportunity to take the reins from his President?

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