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He left his hometown to become a big rockstar. He’s back for something bigger.

When handsome California surf god Lincoln Savage suddenly rolls into Ocean Beach like a rogue wave, shy beauty Simone Bianchi’s foundation is shaken. No longer under the thumb of her domineering father, she’s made a simple quiet life for herself and her fluffy fourteen pound Havanese pup running a surf shop in her hometown of OB. Long ago she gave up her dreams for a future with Linc.

But now the notorious lead singer of the Dirt Dogs has returned, and Simone is reluctant to admit that she’s still vulnerable to his killer dimpled smile and easy charm. She finds that although she’s stowed away the mementos, it hasn’t been as easy to erase the memories of their epic summer love. It seems he hasn’t forgotten, either.

Is the recording contract he’s offering merely a pretense? Or does he have something more in mind? Does he really believe that they can just pick up where they left off, despite all the bad luck and heartache? And is she willing to risk everything again for one last chance at love?

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I’m stuck in paradise with my fake fiancé, but this second chance feels like déjà vu from hell.

It was supposed to be a solo summer getaway to clear my head. But when a sassy, sexy, and much younger woman pulls up a barstool next to me, I can see where this vacation is going.

Sex on the Beach? Sure bartender, we’ll have another round. It was supposed to be a casual fling. No need to complicate matters by telling her who I am.

Now, 3 years later, the last woman I expected to lay eyes on again is the new girl at my billion-dollar company. But maybe Eleanor re-entered my life at the perfect moment because I need a pretend fiancé for a family trip to Cabo, and fast.

When I drop my guard and she drops her panties, what was supposed to be an act starts feeling real.

A second chance with a knockout like her? It looks like I’ll have to fight for it.

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They grew up hating each other, only to fall madly in love…

Margot McCann’s life changes abruptly when her brother, and only member of her family, mysteriously dies. Devoid of hope, she is certain her life is over, yet even from beyond the grave, her brother helps her: he has appointed a protector for her. The only catch? He’s the person she hates the most.

Man-at-arms to the late Laird, Zak Wilson vows to continue protecting the clan of his best friend. And as much as he dislikes it, that includes the little sister too. What the job description never prepared him for was having to choose a husband for her. Especially when he wishes himself in their position…

What began as years of hatred and intense banter slowly transforms into deep passion and true love. However, their decision to marry each other comes with its own share of trouble. And this time, the instructions her late brother left to protect her, just might not be enough to save her life, or Zak’s…

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My brother’s best friend is a Navy SEAL—and a soon-to-be security company owner.

Handsome. Overprotective. And occasionally overbearing. Frequently grumpy. Always tempting. And just old enough to feel slightly forbidden.

And now he’s the protector coming to my aid when I get in over my head.

As a journalist, I have what it takes to tackle the toughest stories.

Even one that brings me toe-to-toe with the mob on a remote island in Maine.

But after a terrifying run-in leaves me questioning everything, I’m relieved to see West.

So what if my brother sent him, without my approval?

The chiseled jaw, bulging biceps, and ability to navigate life-or-death situations with ease leave me breathless.

Let’s just say there’s more than one reason I’m relieved to see him.

Besides, what happens on an island stays on an island, right?

West’s headed back to his final deployment, and I’m headed back to my life.

But if we make it off this island alive, could the spark between us grow into a happily-ever-after given the chance?

Meet West and Lily in the romantic suspense series Command Tactical prequel today!

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An FBI agent, a getaway driver, and the heist that brings them together. Again.

Ashley Bradford, FBI 

I always do what’s right. Attend the right schools, work the right jobs, date the right men. Except Zac. The dangerously charming getaway driver was wrong for me in so many ways, and he’s a mistake I won’t repeat.

Until he and his heist crew show up a month before the black market auction I’m investigating. I’m sure they’re in town to steal a medieval English manuscript before it hits that auction block.

The right thing is to confront him. I’m just not sure I can leave it at that.

Zachary Fraser, Reynolds Recoveries

The authorities have been chasing this stolen manuscript for a decade. The rightful owners hired Reynolds Recoveries to return it, even though we’ll bend a few laws to do so.

We have prep to complete before the big job, but once Special Agent Ash Bradford tracks us down, she’s all I can think about. I can deal with the FBI, but she chose them over me three years ago and the sight of her still sends my brain into a tailspin.

When she’s attacked by a rival crew, I can’t leave her behind. Ash is coming with me, whether she likes it or not.

The Phoenix Heist is a prequel to the Reynolds Recoveries romantic suspense heist series. Each book features a different member of the Reynolds team and can be read as an action-packed standalone romance.

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An Anthology from bestselling authors Catherine Cowles, A.L. Jackson, Laura Pavlov, Willow Aster, Kristen Proby, Carly Phillips, and Ilsa Madden-Mills.

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One protective alpha male …
Plus one hot curvy blonde …
Equals an insta-love they can’t deny.

Billionaire nightclub owner Jason Dare doesn’t stand a chance. From the moment he lays eyes on the luscious blonde stuck on the side of the road and realizes she’s in danger, he goes from playboy to bodyguard.

Faith Lancaster’s sweet body won’t come to any harm on his watch. And watch Faith he does. He can’t take his eyes off her. Jason will stop at nothing to keep Faith safe. Even if it means moving her into his apartment and letting her into his once private life.

Hiding from her past, Faith has spent the last year building her candy business into a profitable company while keeping to herself and staying under the radar … until she meets the delicious Mr. Dare. Alpha and irresistible, he awakens desires she has long denied. It doesn’t take her long to succumb to his charms and fall hard for the man.

They both have their reasons for keeping things casual but when Faith’s past catches up with her, can Jason finally claim the woman meant to be his?

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She’s in the wrong place at the right time…

Gunshots echo, reverberating through me, allowing me to feel something… anything other than the pain that consumes me.

That should be a warning to stay away, but for some reason, she comes closer. Intruding on my silence. Sharing my darkness.

Close enough for me to see the look in her eyes. It’s not fear, but desire that darkens her eyes in the moonlight.

She should run. Run far away from me, but she never does. She comes close enough to touch, tempting the devil inside that wants to cause devastation for the loss I’ve suffered.

I take what I need before I discover the truth.
The gorgeous girl in the shadows that tastes like sin, isn’t an angel coming to light my way.

She’s one of us.
One I never should have touched.
And she has no idea.

She could be my destruction…



When Lauren Harrow’s life is threatened, she’s forced to rely on a man she doesn’t trust.

Lauren needs protection. Was she part of a holiday prank or something more sinister? As luck would have it, Detective Nick Moore answers her call. She’ll take any other officer in his place. Dang small town. She might not want his support, but like it or not she needs him.

Don’t fall for the woman you are protecting. Nick’s mantra. From the moment he met Lauren, he knew she was different. Instead of falling for his charm, he was greeted with her middle finger when she flipped him the bird.

Then her ex shows up, she panics and says Nick is her boyfriend. Word spreads fast in a small town. Now they have to convince everyone they are together.

Nick can do that. As far as he’s concerned, it’s game on princess.

With no obvious motives, everyone is a suspect, and he won’t rest until she’s safe.

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