Lucy is a successful romance author who’s given up on her own love life. When Pers Lindholm, from the Swedish Special Forces no less, shows up at her home to demand a sequel to her most successful book, he decides to claim Lucy too!

This steamy lighthearted instalove story is set in the world of Alpha Corps International and can be read completely on its own.


A grumpy, reluctantly interested boss meets a mediterranean royal trying to hide out in America.

Rand and Coral quickly become involved in an international upheaval that disrupts both their plans for a simple career. Rand’s military background comes in handy more than once as they are caught in situations that leave them asking a couple very important questions.

Can they trust the law firm where they work? Can they trust each other?

Coral just wants to lead a normal life before being called back to take over the crown from her father. But not once since she meets Rand has any of her life felt the least bit normal. Was it complicated that she hooked up with her future boss before she knew who he was? Yes. But most of the time he acts as if he doesn’t even know her, except when they are in danger.


A Mafia don who’s not afraid to get his hands dirty to find the truth, and a reporter that can’t resist his dark charms.

Killian O’ Neill controls the pulse of the vibrant horse racing world in the Finger Lakes region of New York. He also has ties to a powerful Syndicate in Ireland. Carlyn Murphy is the investigative reporter who took comfort in his arms for one night and then walked away.

Now she is on the trail of a story that could rock the thoroughbred racing industry and has far larger complications, a lone shot rings out changing everything.

Can he save his mate and find the killer before the next attempt?

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Imagine this: Your husband is murdered on your wedding day. Your gown is soiled in his blood.
You are taken hostage…treated like a caged animal.
The man behind your husband’s murder is revealed. His name is Draco Molina.
Draco has power. Respect. Wealth. He is a savage beast of a man – dominant in every way.
Soon after, he makes you an offer you can’t refuse.
All you have do is submit to him, and in return you won’t be punished. He will reward you handsomely.
But if you disobey, you must be prepared to face the consequences.
What do you do when the most wanted man in the world . . . wants you?


Presley: Devil’s Dissidents MC Book 2
MC Instalove, Younger Curvy Heroine Romance

On a joy ride into the mountains is where I find Jewel.
Precious, and wild—she’s a real-life gem among the granite and endless trees.
She’s in trouble, stranded, but she isn’t alone.
Two young children hold onto each other in the back seat.
They think they have every reason to be afraid.
They’re wrong.
These three easily steal my heart, my soul, as they wreck my world.
Now I’ll do anything to keep them safe. Even the scariest thing of all—
Letting them go.

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Sleigh My Name: A Filthy Dirty Christmas Book 21
A sticky-dirty-sweet, friends to lovers romance

All I want for Christmas is Ari King. But we’ve been best friends ever since we were little kids and her family took pity on me. Everything I have now, I have them to thank. And I have them to thank for the one thing I can’t have—her. Now we’re all grown up and I’m tired of watching Ari date other guys. I’m tired of watching her heart get pulled from her chest and squeezed dry. Until one night my impulses—or are those instincts?—take over. I possess her. It should scare her. I’m about to lose everything and it starts with losing my mind over her.

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A curvy girl and possessive alpha guy next door

We are four sisters who’ve never had much luck in love. When we uncover a diary cleaning out Nana’s attic, Mom says it has the power to find us our true loves. Too good to be true? Probably. Potentially dangerous? Yep. Will we do it anyway? Abso-freaking-maybe.

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With her whole world turned upside down, the last thing international photojournalist Lucy O’Brien expected was for it to spin out of complete control. She finds herself falling for her longtime BFF, Dr. Andy Hale, the moment she arrives, risking their friendship.

Only she has a secret, one she’s too scared to admit to anyone lest it come true. But Andy knows her better than anyone, and while he’s still overcoming the loss of his wife and finding his way as a single parent, he’s not going to let Lucy hide anything from him. Certainly not in her controversial Calendar Girls’-project to raise money for breast cancer. Especially when he’s falling for her too.

At first, the sparks of attraction fly amidst their easygoing banter over ice cream cones. But there are deeper feelings at work here, and both must uncover the seeds of their new beginnings together, realizing there’s nothing more powerful than love and friendship to pave the way.


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