I can already see the headlines: “Alexander Westbrook Buries Sorrows In Charity Work.”

No thanks. I don’t want to be another one of those Hollywood actors, all PR and no heart.

For me, giving back is the best part of fame, and to use my trip to the group home to get good press would taint that. Besides, my sister’s been bugging me nonstop to find something–or someone–to distract me from the failed engagement to my former co-star.

Enter Summer Bennett, volunteer at St Anne’s and certified believer in happy endings.

Spending time with her out of the spotlight is a sweet relief from my typical tabloid-ready life back in Los Angeles. The idea of spending the next two weeks with her is too good to turn down. Her entire body responds to a simple smile from me, and mine is helpless to resist her either.

My studio contract doesn’t allow me to have a relationship until my newest movie is out. But I can’t keep my hands to myself. Our secret kisses and whispered conversations have sparked a fire we’re powerless to extinguish. How can I possibly turn our two weeks into something endless?

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The last woman in the world he wants might be the only one he can’t let go.
Growing up in Hollywood, most of Corey Matthews’s life played out in the headlines on the celebrity gossip channels. Now the heavily sought-after baseball star keeps his life private, avoiding reporters as much as possible. But one mistake leads to a green-eyed thorn in his side blackmailing him for a story.
After a personal tragedy, Taran Murphy’s career is all she has left. She needs her job, and her boss wants Corey’s story. So when she gets the chance, she goes after the sexy all-star pitcher. She didn’t expect that getting to know the man behind the larger-than-life athlete would change everything.
Soon the best part of Corey’s life is the sassy gossip writer who drives him crazy. When he drops his guard and lets her in, Taran has to decide whether what she really needs is Corey or his story.


I didn’t mean to fall in love with my best friend’s wife.
We were just kids when it happened.
Now, a decade and a half later she and I have bonded over tragedy—she lost the love of her life and I lost my best friend.

I always knew Dolly was gonna break my heart—but the truth is, she never even got the chance.
The second she saw my best friend Dean, I was history.

The three of us were inseparable, always on some adventure together while I suffered in silence and loved her in secret.
After losing Dean, I tried to pull away from her but she needed me and maybe I needed her just as bad.

I’ve convinced myself that the only reason she’s started to look at me differently is because I’m her last remaining tie to him.
I’ve also convinced myself that I can resist the temptation when we end up stranded in a cabin in the mountains with only one bed.

But the way she looks at me—the way her body responds to my touch, my resolve that’s already hanging by a thread snaps and I completely lose myself in her.

I allow myself to give in, to live out this fantasy even though I know that my future at my family’s ranch is going to completely uproot my life in a few months and take me away from here.

I never stopped loving her, but she deserves more than someone stuck in the past and I won’t survive losing her twice
So like a coward, I run—not knowing the secret she’s carrying.

Somewhere along the lines of our tangled journey, through heartbreak and friendship, we realized that maybe the path that brought us together, is the same one that will tear us apart.


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Sure, maybe my delicate fae features are twisting into spiraling horns and demonic eyes, but that won’t stop me from righting my wrongs.

The Queen of Hell might possess my body but the deadly vengeance in my blood is my own. The Prince will die by my hand for what he’s done.

All I have to do is make sure the creature at the back of my mind doesn’t kill me first.

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