On the run from ruthless killers, I’m down to ten bucks in my wallet and a half-tank of gas in my ancient car when I spot the ad. The job sounds like the answer to my prayers, but there’s a catch.

The child’s father is the most beautiful, most dangerous man I’ve ever met.

Darkly seductive and filthy rich, Nikolai Molotov is a tantalizing mystery, a lethally alluring contradiction. Bruised knuckles and tailored suits, tender endearments and dirty promises—my new employer draws me in like a magnet, even as my instincts scream for me to run.

I should’ve heeded them… because I’m not the only one with secrets.

My safe haven just might be the devil’s lair, and once he’s claimed me, it will be too late to run.

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Becoming the new Marketing Manager at Maxwell and Locke was a game changer. I was hell-bent on proving I deserved this job and that it wasn’t because my friendship with one of the CEOs helped me score the new job title…despite all the rumors saying it was.

Well, screw that. 

Ten years of sweat and hard work were why I sat in a large corner office with a killer Manhattan view. More focused than ever, it was time to take the bull by the horns. 

And God help the person who stood in my way. 

Things I left behind in Seattle, Washington: A promising career at a top marking firm, the past I was desperate to escape, and obviously my sense of direction. Now I was standing in the middle of New York City, lost and cursing at my phone. 

If I didn’t get to Maxwell and Locke soon, I wouldn’t only be late but also blow the chance to make a good impression on my new boss, Mason Quinn. And I needed that more than anything. 

One wrong turn, an unfortunate collision, and an expensive suit drenched in my soy chia latte were not how I wanted to start my first day. 

Then there was the other little problem I had. The drop-dead gorgeous man whose suit I’d ruined was my new boss. 

And boy, did he look angry.

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Hurry! Limited time only.


I promised him I would be there for the best day of his life.

Not thinking I wouldn’t be the one standing next to him.

But here I was attending the love of my life’s wedding day.

I smiled when I saw him and pushed back the tears that wanted to come out.

This was his day and I was going to fulfill my promise.


It was supposed to be the best day of my life.

But the second I got up, things started to fall apart.

The kitchen just caught on fire.

Flowers were from a funeral.

My bride-to-be just had an allergic reaction leaving by ambulance.

Oh and my ex-girlfriend just walked into the church.

They say you have to see the signs when they are right in front of you.

Maybe she was just mine to have.

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I’ve given up on finding love. I’m fine loving my kids and not having that special someone to share my life with. That’s until Darian Lawrence walked into my life. She’s changing everything I thought that I knew. She’s beautiful, sexy, smart, funny and a little dirty. She’s suffered loss, and may not be ready to love me, but I’m ready to love her.

My soulmate left this world too soon. Part of me died with him. I’ll never get it back. I don’t know if I want it back. That’s until a chance encounter with the handsome Jackson Knight reawakens a long dormant part of me. A part that I thought was forever gone. But I don’t know if I can betray my past to have a future.

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Dermot Harding is ten years older than me.

A family friend. An employee on my father’s ranch.

But I’ve loved him as long as I can remember.

At eighteen, I kissed him and he pushed me away. He said I was too young. 

The army took him from me for three long years, but now he’s back at Gold Rush Ranch—looking at me like he’s never looked at me before. Letting his hands linger longer than they should. Offering to help me train the racehorse I’ve always dreamed of owning.

I say that I’ve moved on, but our chemistry? It’s electric. It’s overpowering. And soon all our reasons for staying away from each other fall away, along with our clothes.

He says he’s too old and too broken for someone like me. He says we can never work. But his body tells another story.

I put my pride on the line for him once before.

Am I a fool to risk it again?

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He’s my enemy at work, my rival… and possibly the love of my life.

Jack Galloway is an award-winning journalist, a star at The Examiner, and he’s got the chiseled jaw and deep blue eyes that light me on fire.   

Oh, and I hate his arrogant guts.   

He told my boss that I can’t hack it as a reporter, that it was a mistake to hire me. But I just landed a story that will launch my career and prove him forever wrong. Yeah, it steps on Jack’s beat a little.

Okay, a  lot.  

So our boss is making us report it together. At a gorgeous oceanfront villa for an entire weekend.   

Jack brings out my insecurities. He makes me doubt my instincts. And ignites a desire in me that I haven’t felt before.   

But there’s something he’s not telling me.

I know I’m risking something by pursuing this story. And if I have to choose, will it be the story? Or him?

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There’s a new bad boy in town…

Harley-riding cowboy Sawyer Kane is two parts swagger, one part sexy drawl, and all parts off limits. At least as far as Mia Sherman is concerned. After barely surviving her last relationship, Lonesome Point’s resident prankster has sworn off men. It’s for the best, really, considering her family is cursed—a real Irish curse that dooms each first born daughter to lose her husband on her wedding night.

But when long hot days talking history become longer, hotter nights with a man who smells like heaven, kisses like he means it, and can melt her panties off with one sexy smile, Mia realizes she wants more than a summer fling.

Too bad forever is forever beyond her reach.

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Exiled from his home, Alaric Rule turned to the one member of the Rule family like him.

Helix Rule.

For three years, he’s learned from the man who rules an empire that spans the world. Hotels and clubs are his claim to fame, but what Helix Rule really does is control a crime syndicate so dark and deadly few dare to cross him.

For those who do, he has Alaric.

While Helix’s sons Alex and Gideon run the business that everyone thinks makes their family billionaires, Alaric does the job that truly made the Rules a worldwide name.

A killer like his uncle before him, he’s a ghost, a man unseen and unknown but deadly. Once Alaric Rule is assigned a name, that person ceases to exist.

Assassin. Hitman. Killer.

He’s the perfect machine trained to eliminate people, and now he’s found me.

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My best friend trusted me to protect her.

But who will protect her from me?

I would do anything for the Marino family mafia—and I have.

I am Leonardo Marino’s go-to “muscle”,

the guy who does all his dirty work,

the man who spent ten years in jail for him.

Watching over his spoiled mafia princess of a daughter should be a piece of cake in comparison.

Except it’s not.

Because Yasmin Marino is determined to make this hard for me.

Her bright green eyes, black hair,

and sinful mouth will be my undoing,

and those curves she hides under her skin-tight clothes should be illegal.

I know she’s eighteen years younger than me,

but judging by those little boyfriends she tries to sneak past me,

she’s never been with a real man.

When I finally give in and make her mine, I mark her forever.

Now that she’s pregnant with my child, there’s no return.

I will make every sacrifice to keep them safe. Even if it means losing them…

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Did I just blindly ask the woman sitting next to me in a bar to be my live-in nanny within five minutes of meeting her, out of sheer desperation? Sure did.  

Her answer is almost as insane as my question—why not? 

Now she’s here, in my home, taking care of my six-month-old daughter and stealing my heart in the process. It’s taking everything I have to remember that she’s off-limits. Spoiler alert: I’m failing. 

Because it turns out, KatieRae and I have a lot more in common than just our game-time decision to be boss and nanny. Which is only making me fall for her more. 

Everything is happening so fast—but if there’s one thing I’ve learned as a pro athlete, it’s trust your gut. And my gut tells me there’s something there, no matter what speed we’re moving. 

Can a game-time decision really be the one that changes everything?

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When my husband died, I never thought I would find love again. 

I definitely didn’t think I would find it in the arms of my younger best friend. Why would the hunky hockey player want anything to do with me? I’m a stressed out writer with a lot of baggage. Any other man would say, “HARD PASS!”

But Noah was the best man I’ve ever known, and if it wasn’t for him, I might not be alive.

But am I ready to put my heart on the line again?


I’ve pined for my best friend for so long, that my teammates issued an ultimatum. 

“Make your move now or one of us will ask her out.”

They are just trying to push me, besides none of those jerks would ever be good enough for her. Makes me wonder if I even stand a chance.

Besides, what would a smart woman like her want with a dumb jock like me?

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