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Jasper Falls

Jasper Falls Series Books 1-4 Collection by Bestselling & Award-Winning Author Lydia Michaels

Wake My Heart

When perpetual bachelor, Ryan Clooney, moves next door to the quiet, young widow, Maggie O’Malley, sparks fly and boundaries are broken down faster than either can handle in this heartfelt, second chance contemporary romance that welcomes readers into the small town of Jasper Falls.

The Best Man
Patrick Clooney has loved Julie since kindergarten, but she married the wrong man. Now she’s back in Jasper Falls and it’s his turn to show her everything she’d been missing.

Love Me Nots
Perrin is through with men! After dumping her cheating fiancé, she started a new career, and her life is finally on an upswing—until Gage King, a billionaire businessman used to getting everything he wants, comes to town. Gage tries to buy the one thing Perrin’s been saving to for and she has to get up close and personal if she wants to persuade him to back off.

Pining For You
An unexpected job offer to work as a nanny for the most eligible bachelor in Jasper Falls, leads to an unforgettable holiday full of drama, secrets, wannabe mob bosses, and mayhem! Rhett Buchanan has single-handedly revitalized Jasper Falls since taking office as mayor, but this handsome, single dad is not the picture-perfect man he appears. Beneath all that small-town charm, he’s hiding a dark past and, when Skylar Marcelli accepts a position as his daughter’s nanny, Rhett’s secrets slip out.Text Here

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