99c SALE !! Long Road Home by Lyssa Cole!

Long Road Home is only 99c for TWO days- May 11th & 12th!

If you love emotional second chance romances, then you’ll love Josh & Sage’s story- they are two of my favorite characters I’ve written and this story will PULL at your heart strings.

✨ Sage is battling a drug addiction
✨ Josh loves her anyway
✨ Their love story is more emotional than sexy
✨ It’s a swoony second chance love
✨ They prove that the road to love is never too long

When I left town, I was young and dumb, lost in a haze of drugs and partying.
When that haze lifted, it knocked me down, toying with my life.
I came back home. A different person. A shell of myself.

He was there. He was always there. And, I couldn’t stop myself.
His sweet words, his warm arms, his soft kisses. It was like I never left.
He drew me in, under a spell, made me feel loved.

But sometimes, love is not enough. Sometimes, addictions take over. Or, sometimes, it’s simply our pasts…
Mine came back, rip roaring through town, bringing with it the reminders I’d buried.
Would Josh still love me when he found out all of my secrets? Or, will our second chance be shredded into so many pieces, we’ll never be able to pick them all up?


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