One night with him changed my life forever and I didn’t even know his last name.

I’m a small-town girl who’s never ventured even close to crossing state lines. 

He’s a Wildland Firefighter working across the country most of the year. 

The only thing we have in common is that for one night, we don’t want to be alone. 

It can never last. He has to leave to go be a hero and I have obligations I can’t abandon. 

I thought that would be the end…

Until a twist of fate brings us back together and he learns the spark we had may not be the only thing left between us.

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Who would’ve thought things could get steamy being stuck in a snowstorm.

Driving in bad weather and next thing I know, I’m being rescued by Spencer.

Wow; such a ruggedly handsome mountain man, even if he is a bit grumpy. He’s hot.

He may be my opposite but everything about him drives me crazy. That touch of gray in his hair,  his steely eyes, his body, and his touch is literally magnetic. 

Together, we are fire.

But, he’s a mountain man and I work in the city.  

What have I got to lose anyway. My new job for one, I can’t just walk away from that.

However, I cannot stop the excitement building within me. All I want is for him to take me.

Yet, I’m pretty sure he’s keeping a secret.

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Age is but a number, especially when an unexpected baby changed our future forever.

Frank Gibson is the Billionaire CEO I never thought I would fall in love with.
An ambitious man who swears to leave a landmark in his family’s business.

As a project binds us together; against the tides of hate and enmity  
I’m trapped right in the center of a vendetta I’m not sure I can escape.

When the past is intertwined with secrets and lies
All I long for is a chance to beat a hate I don’t deserve.

Will he find the truth forgiving?
and give us a chance to be together.
or will he let the past tear us apart forever.

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So I met a billionaire with the hottest buns.
And I know all about hot buns – I work in a bakery.

I thought I’d found the perfect solution to save my bakery. A corner lot that would help me expand and keep my dreams alive.

But there’s a catch. A big, handsome, infuriating catch.

Jon, the intoxicating business mogul, is set on acquiring the same lot to grow his empire. And he’s not going to let me have it without a fight.
He’s also not going to let me go without a kiss. Or a touch. Or a night in his bed.

He doesn’t know that I know about his plans to ruin my bakery.
He thinks he can charm me into giving up my dreams.
He thinks he can seduce me into forgetting his betrayal.

But I won’t let him win.

The problem is, every time he touches me, I forget why I’m fighting. Every time he kisses me, I forget why I’m angry. Every time he holds me, I forget why I hate him.

How can I resist him when he makes me feel desired? How can I trust him when he lies to me every day? How can I want him when he’s my worst enemy?

Can I have it all – the bakery, the lot, and the billionaire?
Or will I have to choose between my heart and my dreams?

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I work hard for my little girl. I’ve grown the business and the billions…everyone wants to do business with me! 

Until now…

 The foreign investors are playing hardball with my project. 

 They only do business with people who have what I don’t….a wife and family.

 Desperate times call for desperate measures…

 Get a fiance until the deal closes. 

 Dr. Carla Reed is the perfect candidate! 

 She’s smart, sassy, and understands the business to the tee. 

 So what if she hates me. 

 She’s my little brother’s ex-fiancée, so she’ll be able to keep this strictly business.

 But after faking it in front of the investors it starts to feel real when looking into her deep hazel eyes and feeling her silky skin.

 Convincing her to go along with my fake engagement is not the problem.

Letting her go is.

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I might be falling for the biggest bosshole ever…

He’s snarly, arrogant, angry. A slab of hard muscles and sinew who barks out orders. And older than me. Much older. He’s also My very grumpy new boss and completely off limits. I never thought a man like him would ever want a girl like me.

I was wrong.

When forced to work side by side with him during, the handsome devil makes me forget all rational thought. I need to keep my distance. Get paid and keep him. But when I see the way he gazes at me, electricity surges through my body.

There are two firm rules: Number one: Never get involved with the Boss. Number two: Never break rule number one.

Rules are meant to be broken though, and I’m willing to risk it all…

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Falling for the bartender hadn’t factored into her plans.  Brook Hearst had been left with no choice when she walked into Lowell’s Bar.  Finding a job that would pay for school was her first step in taking charge of her career.

Locking the girl in his office was only the first of Jacob Lowell’s uncharacteristic decisions.  His second was giving her a job after being enraptured by her music, despite knowing she didn’t belong in a place like his.

By chasing her dream, Brook puts it at risk and also risks the person she’s become with Jacob. But Jacob isn’t the type of man to stand by and do nothing, and he’s certainly not the type of man to let go of a woman he wants.

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Saddle up, Sugar. A new breed of cowboy-cavemen is here. Blade Parker is an obsessed alpha male hero to the nth degree and the first Parker brother to meet in the Billionaire Cowboys Gone Wild Series.

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I can’t believe I’m the new live-in nanny of the off-limit older billionaire I fought with at the toy store.

My brother’s health is worse.

My building is condemned. 

I really need this job and a place to stay.

And when I see the love he has for his nephew, I’m a goner. 

I just need to focus on taking care of his nephew, and not think about…

How his intense deep gaze burns into me, 

How the scent of his intoxicating cologne makes me dizzy, 

Or how the slightest touch from him sends shivers down my spine.

The chemistry between us is becoming so unbearable, 

I may have to give up my V-card. 

I want him and this unconventional family we have together.

If only this new dad realizes that he may not always know what is best when it comes to matters of the heart.

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