I’ve tried everything in my power to stay away from Lupine, Colorado. The town I grew up in. The town I left six years ago.

But when events beyond my control drag me back temporarily, damned if I don’t run smack into the last person I want to see.

Roxanne Lawson.

More than one girl I took in the back seat of my car in high school had been just a substitute for Roxy when I couldn’t get the itch for her out of my mind. Now, years later, she’s grown into a stone-cold knockout. Her spitfire personality is still there in her eyes — the flash of a challenge whenever she looks at me. It makes me want to grab her by the arms and kiss her until neither of us can think straight.

It’s only a matter of time until one of us gives in. And God help us when we do.

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Falling for the grumpiest man on campus is one thing, but for that man to also be your boss is a whole other thing…

He’s known as the Dean of Students, but in my opinion he’s the Dean of Absurdity. 

He’s also extremely smug, so he’s probably enjoying the control he feels by instituting these archaic rules and policies.

Although I’m sure he didn’t originally create them, enforcing them still screams bosshole.   

The first chance I get, I am going to give him a big piece of my mind and tell him where he can shove it!

This was totally the plan until one late evening, a snowstorm and a broken heater led me to find warmth in the grump of a Dean’s office. 

And let’s just say that the temperature in the office may have gotten a little too hot.

And now we have just broken the ultimate rule…

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The CEO of my company is billionaire 29, the literal eye candy at every party.

One word: savvy. Crazy how I go from bossy to lover boy. 

Contracted relationship becomes real affection.

Not to brag but I am every lady’s dream guy and I know well to make a show about it.

Never gave a second thought to committing to one chick when I could have all them.

With pressure from parents to settle down and build a family, I contract my assistant, Phoenix, to be my mock fiancee for as long as the game ensues.

Things begin to go south when I discover that I am actually attracted to Phoenix. 

It’s hard to imagine but… this alpha male is actually crazy in love with one lady?

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He left me with more than one memorable night.
Now a surprise is on the way.

One reckless night is all it took to leave me craving his arms and carrying his baby.
Too bad he disappeared, and I have no way to find him.

Oh, it gets worse.
My brother’s wedding is coming up, and I am dateless.
If I show up alone, my cheating ex will be all over me.

When fate throws my one night of fun back together, I swoon over his tatted body and navy-blue eyes.
After a few white lies, I have myself a rockstar fake fiancé.

He broke my heart once, and I knew better than to fall for him again.
But it may be the hormones talking, my heart wants to make him mine.
And I realize I need to tell this rockstar the truth about the baby…before it’s too late.

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Never hook up with a guy you hate.  Especially when he’s your boss, and especially when he’s your dad’s best friend.  Sound advice, except I didn’t take it.  

Working for a corporate suit was never my plan, but I needed employment and he needed a personal assistant.

Scruples aside, I took that job with the bossy, closed-off grump.

He’s aggravating as hell and not my type, except – 

Brock looks like fine wine and gourmet chocolate in a suit. 

We went on a business trip. 

Mutual desire and silken sheets at a paradise resort combined and we forgot about being off-limits.

 We soared high –

 and crashed and burned in the aftermath.

 He left his old company and started a new one. 

 I got a positive pregnancy test.

 The two most important men in my life came close to ruining their friendship over this off-limits romance. 

Will a baby permanently end it and my chance for love forever?

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My dad’s best friend protects me. He also turns me on. But I’m his son’s babysitter… 

He’s a drool-worthy, widowed ex-Navy SEAL.

I’m the one watching his son.

He seems to think I trust too much and that he needs to protect me.

Which does crazy things to my insides because he’s the man of my dreams.

But in small towns like this, you know what people do.

They whisper about secrets and indiscretions, and they judge.

But when the truth comes out, things take an unexpected turn.

Suddenly, I’m the one protecting him.

Or I’d like to be.

Because what I feel for him is real.

But it might cost me my reputation and, worse, my relationship with my father.

I can only hope that love will conquer all; otherwise, I might lose everything.

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