Get ready to be swept away by our military romance anthology! 

With captivating tales set against the backdrop of the armed forces, our stories will leave you breathless and yearning for more. From daring rescues to forbidden love and second chances, you’ll be on the edge of your seat.

Alpha males. Fierce heroines. Steamy, spicy romance, our anthology has it all. 

Don’t wait any longer, experience the passion, bravery, and devotion of our country’s heroes.

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Halfway around the world wasn’t far enough away to keep my best mate’s sister safe from our enemies… or my touch. I will have her. Even though she’s the beauty and I’m the beast.

Emma Varma remembers me as the black hearted prince of Eton prep… but the hardened man I’ve become won’t be so easily burned.

Her return to London has nothing to do with me and everything to do with retribution.

Gone is the wild child I remember and in her place a striking beauty, tempting me with a second chance to break all the rules that I missed the first time… before I was man enough to make her mine.

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Spencer “Ropes” Kimble is one of the Burning Saints’ most loyal soldiers, but harbors a secret passion…one that could get him laughed out of his club.

Devlin Walker has a singular focus: save enough money to open her own tattoo shop. Nothing is going to stand in her way, especially not a cocksure biker who won’t take no for an answer.

As his club faces their biggest threat to date, Ropes is about to follow the call of his newfound muse into uncharted waters.

With danger looming on both land and at sea, will Ropes and Devlin navigate their way to forever, or lose themselves in the deep?

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I’ve had a crush on my stepbrother since I can remember… He came home for my 18th birthday. All I wanted to do was show him I’m not a little girl anymore. I didn’t know that would be the worst decision of my life. *

**Heaven is a short novella giving you the first glimpse into Purgatory, an exclusive club where either your wildest dreams come true or your worst nightmares swallow you whole.***

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To save my father I’ll pose as my billionaire boss’s wife…

I met William when I was truly at my lowest and needed a job with enough pay to cover my father’s hospital bills.

William’s succession was at stake and he convinced me to stage a fake marriage.

To help my father, I play by the rules and attend the fundraiser as William intended.

But staying away from this dangerous, yet seductive man proves extremely difficult.

Because I get lost in his steely eyes, towering height, deep voice. And my heart forgets he’s the boss.

So, when an unexpected enemy arises, an unwilling me is thrown headlong into a world of arms dealing and secrets. 

I discovered that love is even more dangerous than money, guns and power combined.

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Even before I met them I knew they were trouble. It was supposed to be a simple prison transfer that ended up anything but. Hunter and Ryker were two hardened criminals that shouldn’t look as good as they do. As a police officer it was my job to follow the rules and that meant ignoring whatever feelings these men stirred in me. I read their files. Ryker likes to torture people to death. So when they kidnap me, I know my fate is sealed. I’ll do anything to survive, but will it be enough?

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Quinn is trapped working a dead-end job to support her abusive mother. The only bright spots in her life are her encounters with the kind woman who frequently visits the diner where Quinn works. One day, the woman tells Quinn about her handsome, billionaire son whom she fears will forever be lonely. She offers Quinn a deal: seduce her son and give her a grandbaby. Quinn refuses, but when her mother learns of the offer, she is forced to accept. Quinn never expected to fall in love. Will she be able to go through with the plan?

Landon is a hardworking billionaire with no time for or interest in relationships. He’s seen how a broken heart can destroy a person. The only woman in his life is his mother, and he’ll do anything for her, including going on an island vacation for the first time in years. Except, when Landon arrives at the exotic resort, it isn’t his mother who’s there to greet him. Instead, there’s a beautiful woman naked in the hotel suite. Landon is immediately enthralled by the innocent Quinn, but he knows she’s hiding something. Will he learn her secrets before their week together is over? Or will he lose the mysterious beauty who has captured his heart?

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I’m back in Hope Harbor, the little town I can’t stay away from, for my buddy’s wedding to the love of his life. They’re perfect together. I’m happy for them, but that kind of relationship isn’t in my wheelhouse. Not anymore. Everything changes once there’s a picture of you holding an oversized check splashed across the internet. When it’s public knowledge you won the lottery and have ten million in the bank, everybody wants a piece of you.

Been there, got burned, and have the scorch marks to prove it. Money’s not the only thing I keep locked up now. My heart’s in the vault too. But there’s one piece of me I’ve been happy to share since then, and it’s guaranteed to satisfy. Looking for a good time? I’m your man. Just don’t look for more. That’s the rule. Or it was, until I met Mya.

Hope Harbor is full of gorgeous fish happy to hop on my hook anytime I’m in town. Too bad the only one I want doesn’t fall for my lines, and has no interest in my pole. Pretty sure she’d be happy if I took a long walk off the end of the short pier and never resurfaced.

The more Mya pushes me away, the more I want to reel her in. The truth is—I’m the one who’s hooked. And one night together is all it takes to know I never want to be released.

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Fourteen years ago, the boy that stole my heart left Savannah, Georgia. Left me.

All I had left of us were the sunkissed memories of young love and a golden sparrow around my neck.

The years passed in a blur of happiness, sadness, and excitement, but one thing was never far from my mind. Him.

Now, I’m back, running from someone I thought I could trust, hiding from my choices, and plowing headfirst into the one that got away.


Fourteen years ago, I left the girl of my dreams to serve my country.

We chose to part ways for good. I wanted her to spread her wings and fly.

My service came with heartbreak, injury, and memories I wish I could forget.

The years passed in a haze of war, fighting, pain but that was eased by someone new… until she was gone too, leaving me alone with a young daughter.

My mind always slipped back to the girl I left behind all those years ago… and now?

She’s standing right in front of me.

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I couldn’t have run into a bigger jerk. And, of course, he’s loaded with cash and attitude. I’m fine…until I run into him again…and again. 

My new client has issues, and my job is to figure them out and fix them. She didn’t tell me that her big brother would become my issue…one I’d have to fix.

Whether I like it or not, I’m going to fall for someone whose first words denigrate my profession.

Fine…it seems like I can make it work. Until his past comes back to take him away.

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Westley “Wes” James, just retired from the Marines. With plans to start his own security company, he is headed back to the one place he promised to never return. His hometown. Where memories are better left in the past and new opportunities are just over the horizon. 

Wes, a Charlie Team prequel novelette, follows the recruitment of the team members you’ll meet in the Charlie Team Series. It is intended for audiences 18+.

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He’s hotter than hot

Bad boy Mitch Thompson finally convinced straight-laced Constable Anna Coleman to take him for a ride. It only took a few—okay, a lot of speeding tickets and some smooth talking—but now that Anna’s loosened off her stiff RCMP uniform, it’s not nearly enough for Mitch. Their secret escapades are steamy and mind-blowing, but he wants more than her body—he wants her heart.

She’s afraid of getting burned

Anna doesn’t know how far she can safely go before she crosses the line. Sinfully sexy Mitch may have lured her wild side out to play, but giving in to more and more illicit desires could endanger her very civilized career on the police force. There has to be a point between yearning and obsession. Or is there?

Will giving in mean giving up everything she’s worked for, or will they gain everything they’ve ever wanted?

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A fresh start in foreign lands brings opportunity, romance, and frustration…

Shapeshifter Rory Mitchell and his family board the Mooltan for the long sea voyage to New Zealand. They’re unable to shift for the length of the journey, and Rory is shocked when a strange and delectable scent draws his feline to the surface, turning his control marginal. He has discovered his mate, but claiming her is impossible on a crowded and segregated ship.

Ainslie Finley’s parents died, leaving her alone. She accepts an offer from her uncle and aunt to travel to New Zealand. In exchange for them paying for her passage, she must act as their maid, and on arrival in Dunedin, she will work for them for a further three months. She is drawn to Rory, but so are her cousins, and her aunt deems the Mitchell family unworthy. Then illness stalks the ship, and every passenger is in danger of the blue death…

Circumstances conspire against Rory and Ainslie and their growing friendship in this prequel to the Middlemarch Shifters series.

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Since taking over as the Library Events Director, I’m exhausted.
A walk in the wilderness with a good book is just what the doctor prescribed.
I find more than solace though: I find danger.
In the form of a rogue, angry bison and an equally ominous mountain man.
I could just kiss him for saving my life! And I do.
Only problem?
He’s Dex—my best friend’s older brother.

I’m back from an overseas contract working as a structural engineer.
After three years I’m ready to plant roots, serve my own down-home community.
From the second I see Brie again, looking like a babe in the woods, I know she’s mine.
Time has been almost too good to my kid sister’s best friend.
Saving her life? It was nothin’.
Staying away though?
No can do.

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Our meeting after the fire in my house was a mistake!

Because I fell for him, a love at first sight.

But it sucks to know that he came to save me from the fire, then turn around and abduct me?

This is all because he want to reveal about my past! A past that has been forgotten. 

I should have known, I should have noticed the way his eyes look at me, the way his hand touches me,

and his word to care for me, it is all a LIE.

And here he is, asking for another chance! 

Shame on me if he can fool me twice.

It might be hard to accept, but I am willing to forgive him when the time is right, a second chance.

For now, he gave me no choice but to hate him.

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Casey needs a mate to stave off the madness that lurks within his Pack. But his wolf has already caused enough dramas, so when Wyatt and Regina inform him that they’ve selected a potential match, he’s in shock. There’s no way he’s the first to get a match, but as soon as his wolf sees her… he’s positive.

She is his. And he’d do anything to make her his.

Dahlia is running from a life of hardship, desperate for love and somewhere she belongs. So when a mysterious phone call promises the chance at that, she embraces the moment, eager for a shot at a better life.

She signs the dotted line, not realizing just how much her life is about to change.

Because Casey will do anything for his mate, and he’s intent to claim her as his.

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