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She was broken… He was lost…
Together they were a perfect mess

College student Justin Singleton is ready to celebrate the start of a new school year with his roommates. He is not ready for the attractive brunette to catch his eye. As she blows off every attempt at conversation, he vows they will one day be friends.

Sara Mitchell is just trying to get through the day. She doesn’t need any new friends, not with the load of her emotional baggage. But when Justin keeps popping into her life, he knocks down her walls and gives her a reason to let him in. Still, she keeps her past a secret.

When Justin invites Sara home for Thanksgiving, her secret comes out, causing the past and present to collide in a tense standoff. Reeling with the emotional impact of the unexpected reveal, Justin and Sara’s relationship is tested, making them question if love can heal the scars of the past.

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That night when I slammed into a wall with a heartbeat and a pair of green eyes, my life took a sudden turn.

 Soon after, I found myself in the back seat of his car, losing my V-Card.

 To my surprise, the man with whom I had fogged the car windows with that night, was my best friend’s estranged brother.

 And when I agreed to vacation with my friend’s family, I didn’t think he would be sleeping in the room next to mine. 

 This bad boy and ex- NAVY SEAL definitely adds an exciting twist to this family getaway.

 Every time he enters the premises, I’m hit with a rush of sensations, his scent alone sends shivers down my spine.

 His sister warned me that he was cold-hearted and prone to breaking hearts, but I’m unable to resist him.

 I find myself sneaking into his bed late at night, wrinkling his sheets.

 Now, I question whether it’s love or just a temporary game. 

My heart aches with uncertainty, yet this secret relationship ignites a passion I can hardly control.

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He is cold, pained and cruel…

As the second Duke, Neville Bennet has only time for duty and command. After losing his wife twenty years ago, images of her torment his mind, leaving him a former shell of himself. But now, he cares about one thing and one thing only: his daughter and her future. Until a woman—no, an enchantress, steals his heart…

She is kind, understanding and hurt…

Julia Smith, an older but still just as beautiful woman, does everything in her power to protect her son from the world’s cruelties. Focused on giving him the childhood she never had—hers was ridden with abuse, after all—her days are spent spoiling him beyond belief. Until the day, a mysterious man shakes her world and awakens the passion she wants—no, needs, to keep hidden.

Only together can they heal…

Julia and Neville make an unlikely agreement: they will connect their Houses by wedding their children.

Until the unforeseen happens: they unexpectedly and shamelessly fall in love with each other.

So why, oh why, are they so keen on denying it, despite their secret meetings? And how, oh how, will Julia manage to break Neville’s stone walls?

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A battlefield moment of clarity leads Sergeant Bobby Evans back to the Texas town he fled long ago. His new mission–winning back the woman he wants, by any naughty means necessary. Jennifer Jones spent seven years aching with the memory of Bobby’s blistering kisses–and his sudden, silent departure. Now he’s back, looking to pick up where they left off–naked and voracious. But Jen won’t get burned again, no matter how “hot” Bobby turned out. Two torrid weeks, then she’ll give him his marching orders…or not!

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From the moment she stepped back into town, I wanted her.

No matter where I am, if she’s around, she has all of my attention. The only problem is that she doesn’t know it. She doesn’t know that I can feel her when she walks into a room or that I can see her auburn hair when I close my eyes at night.

I think it’s time to do something about that.


From the moment I stepped back into town, I wanted him.

He’s always surrounded by a group of his brothers or his best friend, but that doesn’t stop me from stealing glances. He doesn’t know that I’m crushing on him like a teenager or that sometimes I dream of him.

Maybe one day, I’ll do something about that.

The one-night stand who claimed my v-card is now my new boss…

An automatic red flag that I chose to ignore.

Because this hot alpha billionaire wants me as bad as I want him.

So I agree to this twisted proposal of a no strings attached physical situationship. 

I wanted to stay focused on my career since I had just graduated college, but

He gives me all the things I never knew I wanted and needed.

His passion for me makes me desire him even more.

And it’s all fun and games until we break the rules and fall in love.

Now we’re risking our careers and livelihood. I only hope he doesn’t break my heart.

But I willingly played with fire, and now I am engulfed in his flames.

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There are consequences when you stop following the rule book.

Rule #1: Don’t celebrate your new job before you have it.

Especially not by having a one-night stand with a star quarterback.

Rule #2: Don’t sneak out of said star quarterback’s bedroom the next morning.

You don’t know who you might run into in his kitchen.

Rule #3: Don’t lie to your potential boss

Definitely don’t tell her the quarterback is your boyfriend.

Most important rule of all—don’t fall in love with your fake boyfriend.

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