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Overhearing my cousin’s best friend confessing that she’s never been satisfied wasn’t my fault… but offering to help her change that definitely was. Her brother is a friend of mine, and while this has a bad idea written all over it, it doesn’t stop us from becoming friends… with benefits.

Palmer is gorgeous, off-limits, and stubborn as hell. For the first time, I’m the one left wanting more.

I’m tired of watching her walk away. I’m ready for her to stay.


I never dreamed having my crush overhear my most embarrassing confession would land me in his bed… or that I would want to stay there.

But our secret relationship has rules. No strings. No expectations. No feelings. What’s that saying about rules? Oh yeah, they’re meant to be broken.

But when it comes to Brooks, I’m afraid if I’m not the one to walk away, it won’t be just the rules broken.

There was no way to know the gorgeous woman I took home one night is my new co-worker who I can’t stand.

I’m at the top of my game in pro football, so I definitely shouldn’t have hooked up with the owner’s daughter.

Especially since she’s the new team doctor. Now we see each other everyday, and we can’t seem to get along…

Or forget the night we had together. Everything about her is off-limits.

We’re perfect together in bed, but at each other’s throats during work. Now she’s trying to call the shots with my players, and it’s driving me crazy.

What’s this called? Sleeping with the enemy??

Whatever game we’re playing, I’m going to need the play book fast.

Get Offsides with the Enemy

Callie Carmichael has a gift for making bridesmaid dresses—some even call them magical. Somehow, every person who’s worn one of her dresses has found love. Real love. And as long as that happily-ever-after is for someone else, Callie is happy. Because she’s fully over getting her heart broken…which is why her new roommate is definitely going to be a problem.

After being overseas for six months, Callie’s only choice is to stay with her best friend’s ridiculously hot brother, Hunter Owens. Cowboy, troublemaker, and right now, the town’s most coveted bachelor. Only, Hunter isn’t quitethe player she thought. And if it weren’t for her whole “no more love” thing, their setup could get confusing really fast.

Now, Hunter wants Callie to make him a best man suit—a “lucky for love” kind of suit. But what happens if she makes the suit and he finds true love…and it isn’t her?


There’s a legend amongst members of the Wicked Throttle MC. Something that’s rooted deep into their DNA. None of the younger generation believes it, that is, until the first one falls. Once a biker finds its other half, there is no going back. Only one option; Love and claim at first sight.

Dive into the lives of the members of Wicked Throttle MC and see how they let love ride their …

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Only a man with all the right tools can be Clover’s Mountain Man…

It’s been twenty years since my sisters and I stepped foot in the picturesque mountain town of Paintbrush Peak, Colorado as children. We’re back now, fully grown, as joint owners of our Great Aunt Petunia’s dilapidated Heartleaf Café.

I was not prepared for the challenges of rebuilding an entire restaurant—or the stress of living with my sisters again. And I certainly wasn’t prepared for Logan Duffy, the bearded, intense mountain man who’s shielded eyes and rough hands stir feelings in me I just don’t have time for.

I’ve spent my entire life in Paintbrush— loved and lost—but watching it become a ghost town kills me. Desperate to help revive it, I jump at the chance to help Petunia Clark’s great nieces renovate the long-closed Heartleaf Café.

I expected a lot of work and long hours at the Heartleaf, but I didn’t expect Clover Winnett—the curvy, brown-eyed brunette that keeps me on my toes. She’s bossy and impossible, but she tempts me in ways I haven’t felt in years. My damaged heart is wary of giving in, but when mother nature strands her at my place, I take the chance I’m given to make her mine.

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You cannot escape your fate. Especially when it involves a dragon who claims to be your fated mate.

Aria’s visions of something old, powerful, and angry coming combined with her seriously sexy dream sharing with a dragon shifter have confused her. Her visions have proven true too often to ignore. But dragon shifters can’t be true. Right? When a dragon lands in front of her while hiking, her whole world shifts. He is the dragon from her dreams and is claiming, she is his fated mate.

Darius has just accepted leadership of his clan and is headed home when he sees a human female. She is trekking up the side of a mountain and he realizes she’s his fated mate. What’s a dragon to do? Simple, fly down, pick her up, and take her home. Once there, he discovers that there is more to Aria than meets the eye. She is the key to beating the evil that is coming.

Can the fated couple survive the coming storm and embrace a future together?

Dragon Storm – https://mybook.to/dragonstorm-dj

I wanted her. I needed her.
And it took everything within me not to claim her right then and there.

Being a billionaire boss was the only thing I needed to worry about apart from my children.
I thought I had everything under control until I hired the sassy brunette as their temporary Nanny.

I never expected to open up to anyone after my wife died.
But the more I watched those beautiful blue eyes fall in love with my children, the more I fell in love with her.

When the time was right, I made her mine.
Then I found out she dated my stepson.

Get Your Copy!

He’s a gritty gunfighter ready to free the town of a villainous gang.
She’s the defiant daughter of the man who hired him.

He knows how to deal with the dangerous outlaws.
But can he handle the wily, willful young woman?


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