My best friend’s little sis went from geek to goddess.

All grown up, with fiery eyes and a body that must have been poured into her clothes.

I’m filthy rich and good-looking. Most women do backbends to get a piece of me.

But I only want her.

I promised her brother I’d keep her out of trouble, now that she’s out on her own.

The little spitfire would rather slam the door in my face than talk to me. I guess I deserve that for all the childhood pranks.

But even she can’t ignore the smoke between us.

It’s not just lust. We see each other.

And since I found out she still has her V-card, I’ve made it my mission to make damn sure her first time is worth the wait.

My best friend would break my skull if he could read my dirty thoughts. 

But Elodie is no conquest. And I’ll do anything to prove it.

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A steamy-hot romance with attitude.

Never fall in love with a sexy, broody billionaire. Especially if he’s your boss.

I was mesmerized the moment I saw Amari Starkwood.

That moment when he slipped off his Harley and ran his fingers through his dark, tousled hair.

When our eyes met, I melted in my stilettos.

I swore off another office romance, but he was hot AF and irresistibly charming.

But he’s my boss. . . and totally off-limits.

Did I mention that he’s sexy and irresistible?

Our romance is dangerous. Our affair, covert.


The consequence is costly if found out.

Yet the risk makes it that much hotter.

Until we are discovered. . .

And a line is drawn between his family business and me.

A line Amari dare not cross.

Now a chasm is growing between us. . .

That may prove too wide to overcome.

Can we face the challenge together, or will I have to start my life all over again alone?

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I came to New York City to make something out of myself and now my chance has arrived. All I need to do is convince upper management to invest in the boutique hotel I’m proposing. A single roadblock stands in my way… Dalton Keller… aka Grumpy GQ. The only thing that matters to him is the bottom line.


There’s no way spending the weekend with a junior employee is going to change my mind about adding the property she’s proposing to our portfolio, especially if the numbers don’t add up. But when an ice storm cuts us off from the outside world, I find myself wondering if there’s room in my heart for more than my love of numbers… like the curvy girl with the amazing assets who I can’t seem to keep my hands off of.

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She yearns to fit in. But if humans discover her secret, her life will be no fairytale.

Ellery “Elle” Milford needs to keep her fairy heritage undercover. But after her wicked stepmother refuses to let her go to the royal ball with the fully human kids, the sixteen-year-old defiantly parties with her smoke sprite bestie… who promptly gets arrested. And the only way to rescue her is for Elle to cut a deal with her wily fairy godmother: All the magic necessary to infiltrate the palace in exchange for assassinating the prince.

Determined not to harm a hair on the heir’s noble head, the reluctant hitwoman’s mission goes sideways when she falls for the very guy she’s supposed to kill. And after uncovering a plot to destroy every single supernatural creature, Elle is torn between the desires of her heart and the needs of her enchanted friends.

Can the headstrong half-fairy juggle a budding romance with a daring prison break before it all vanishes in a puff of smoke?

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If you’re new to the Chicago Sparrows, take this opportunity to peek into the glass castle. 

For those who already love the Sparrows, enjoy this dangerous and heartfelt get-together. Take a peek into how the world is treating the Sparrows.

It’s never too late to start at the beginning: SECRETS. Entire Web Series is available on Kindle Unlimited.

Years ago, Sterling Sparrow offered me the secrets to remove the invisible veil of secrets and lies surrounding my life, a veil that I didn’t realize existed. In doing so, he promised that I was his and he was mine. There was never any doubt.

As he said, my body knew even before my mind was ready to accept.

My body and mind accepted.

Time passed.

Through the years, our world has been rocked with assaults on every front.

That is the way it is when you are a part of the top crime organization in Chicago. My husband controls the city. His best friends are his trusted inner circle. Their wives are our friends and family. 

We are all family.

Once again, outside forces try to infiltrate what is ours, to take away our most precious belongings—trust and security. As enemies from the past and new accomplices materialize, we must do what we’ve done before…

Remember our vows and stay strong.

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I never imagined that I’d skip my own wedding only to end up in the company of my ex’s younger brother.

Compassionate, understanding, crazy hot, and… completely off-limits!

To exacerbate the difficult circumstances, I also wind up acting as his fake girlfriend to catch an enemy that threatens his life.

No chance I’d ever be romantically involved with him… but being stuck with him in close quarters totally flipped the script.

Whenever he’s around, my heart goes into overdrive, and my brain takes a siesta – talk about a deadly combination!

I don’t know whether to run for the hills or into his arms.

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Zander. Serious to a fault, he had no time for anything other than focusing on running his bar, Grimm’s. Until he saw her… and pushed her away… right into danger.

Racked with guilt over what happened, he could not stay away from her hospital room. Hoping Sleeping Beauty could hear him and know that he was near.

What started as guilt, became so much more. But, when Rosalie awoke, would she remember the night he pushed her away? Or just remember the man who rescued her?

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One night in Vegas with Owen Parry. It should have been simple. It wasn’t.

He’s hot. He’s always been hot. Half of the problem is that he knows it – something the Marable following aren’t shy about letting him know.

Of course, with a few drinks in hand, one thing led to another. You can see where this is going… What I wasn’t expecting, was the ring I woke up wearing.

I’m not ashamed to say I ran. I have no doubt he’s only looking for arm candy, this rock star life isn’t made for marriage. For love.

Either way, the knock on my door comes as a surprise. He’s here, and he wants a chance to get to know his wife.

Is there more to Owen than meets the eye, or should you always go with your gut?

Needing Emily is a steamy rockstar romance. It’s an accompanying novella to the True Platinum Series. Can be read as a standalone.

If you love cinnamon roll rock stars that fight for what, and who, they want and a heroine struggling to believe she’s enough, then Needing Emily is for you.

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Taken from Earth and used like a lab rat…
Emily was a normal law student until she was abducted by aliens. Forced to perform death defying feats by night and undergoing medical tests by day, she doesn’t know how much longer she can take it. When one alien takes particular interest in her she’s afraid things have gone from bad to worse. He’s got wings and fangs, and he makes her heart pound. But she can’t want an alien like that… can she?

He doesn’t have time to rescue a human…
Oz is on Kilrym for a reason, and it’s not to rescue the ethereal performer who captivates him by night. But covert ops are impossible when his mind is on the human who could be his fated mate. War is on the horizon, but what if the only way to save his people is to sacrifice Emily?

Despite the fact that they were born light years apart, they are a perfect match. But Oz is keeping secrets, and when Emily finds out the truth she may never be able to forgive him, no matter how much she needs him to survive and escape the planet alive.

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Being Alpha is not a simple task and neither is being attracted to your brother’s ex.

Even though she’s off limits, I struggle to keep my hands off her.

I soon realized we are fated mates with the bond strengthening every day.

My attention should be on finding my missing brother and protecting the pack from the bloodthirsty bearshifters. 

Now I’m burdened with proving myself to my mate.

Zoe is quiet and reserved at first, but she can’t hide her physical reactions. 

She drops her guard with me, relaxing and desire glowing in her eyes at the same time.

My slightest touch quickens her pulse and her face flushes.

Anyone dumb enough to start a war with me has a death sentence.

I have even more to fight for now than ever.

I will protect what is mine even if I must sacrifice my life for hers.

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