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Jade McKenna, raised by a drug kingpin, abducted at fourteen, and caught in a drive-by at sixteen. You would think she would be intimately familiar with chaos, but the roles in her life were flipped after her father’s death. Boarding school, owning businesses, and mingling with the social elite became her norm.

Until one day, the chaos returns.

Severe, a biker-assassin, shows up out of the blue and takes her, tells her she’s coming with him until…Until what? She ends up at Ground Zero, his motorcycle club compound, and has no choice but to figure out how to live among a group of legendary death dealers, biding her time until she can escape or until death. Her choices are dismal, but she learns that there are worse things than death, and it’s been lurking over her shoulder her whole life.

Find more books by Keta Kendric here: https://www.michelewesley.com


Keta embraces her laid-back country roots, speaks with a southern drawl, but writes with a raw and gritty mindset. She proudly served on active duty in the military with multiple deployments to Iraq. After completing her military service, she worked for the Department of Defense, supporting the military in Iraq, Kuwait, and Afghanistan. She has been lucky enough to travel the world, visiting and touring over thirty countries.

She enjoys flirting with the darker side of romance, alpha men and the women who are powerful enough to tame them. Her books are edgy, sometimes dark, and not for the faint at heart.


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