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Dolly Beckett is my cousin’s girl and the one woman in the world I can never have.

She’s fiercely loyal to him, completely off limits… And sexy as sin.

I intend to make her mine by any means necessary.

At first, I show her what a good man looks like. When that doesn’t work, I steal all her firsts and hook up with her friends to make her jealous. But nothing sways this stubborn beauty.

I’m tired of waiting for her to realize I’m her man, so I do what anyone in my place would do—I mettle in her relationship and set myself up to be the one she runs to when they finally break up.

It’s time she realized she’s always been mine, even when she didn’t know it.

***This book is the first in a dark romance duet and cannot be read on its own. The couple’s story concludes in Deviant Deception. Recommended for readers 18+ who have no triggers.

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Traveling with an older billionaire pilot on his private jet was never on my list, especially not if he was hot.

I would never have gotten involved with him if I knew who he was. But I was heartbroken and needed a distraction. To clear my mind I went on a private jet trip to the Caribbean. There is only one problem – the pilot. He is rude, gruff, and demanding. Being me, I try to embrace the good in him. I can’t stop imagining how it would feel to lick the salt water from his tattooed skin. Wait, stop, I think I’m getting lost. Lost in his piercing blue eyes. We will go our separate ways when the trip comes to an end.

Unless there is a business agreement that concerns us both.

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Odessa’s a nerdy angel who just wants to keep to herself. Her unpopular father works in the government of their realm. She doesn’t get along with her sister, and no one talks about what happened to her mother. So Odessa has no one to turn to for help with the staggering fear she lives under each day, a terror born from childhood trauma. Until she spots the announcement of a gala for a warrior in need of a mate.

Bryant would rather chew his wings off than get mated, but orders are orders. He’s been erratic in the field, taking unnecessary risks, and is cranky with his team. His boss hopes a mate will stabilize him. But Bryant understands what the rest of the realm won’t admit. His face full of scars makes him nightmare material, not mate material, for a realm full of vain angels.

When an ethereally gorgeous female accepts his request, Bryant is leery. Then he learns who Odessa really is—the daughter of the man responsible for his injuries. But when Odessa’s attacked, Bryant has to get over his resentment. Because he’s the only thing between her and death, and together they might be able to save their realm.

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My super-controlling boss saved my life. Now I’m his fake wife… and I owe him everything.

Gareth Kane is the definition of bosshole: intense, picky, critical, stupidly handsome, and an overall pain in my behind.

Too bad I need this job. My BFF moved away, my parents got into swinging (don’t ask), I’m drowning in student loans, and my apartment burned to the ground. 

Hello, rock. I’m bottom.

But to make it even worse, I walk in on Gareth discussing some very illegal plans with a bunch of gangsters, and he says the only thing that’ll keep me alive: Don’t worry about Fiona. She’s my new wife.

Sorry, what now? I would’ve remembered marrying a psychopath like Gareth.

After the shock wears off, he makes me an offer. We pretend to be married, he protects me from his crazy gangster clients, and I play the part to make sure they never find out he’s lying.

It’s a lose-lose situation, but I like being alive more than being dead, so I’m going with it.

My new husband is a neat freak, insists on treating me like his actual bride, and loves to tease me mercilessly.

He’s also gorgeous, sensual, caring, and makes sure I’m always looked after.

I hate him, right up until I realize I don’t.

And then? Well, not all fake marriages stay fake for long.

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Book 1: Big Bossy Ex’s Brother

Claiming my brother’s ex-girlfriend is the worst idea I’ve ever had.

I shouldn’t want to protect, worship and devour her.

I am her older boss after all.

But she’s a determined, sassy, little firecracker.

The most beautiful woman I’ve ever laid eyes on.

Something my cock-a-doodle-do continues to remind me.

I know if I want to keep her safe, I should stay far away from her.

Even if we are sharing a bed at the company retreat.

I’m consumed by her, like a moth to a flame.

Determined to teach her the pleasures of being with a real man.

My time in the army tells me, I may have made the worst mistake of my life.

Putting the only woman I’ve ever truly loved in danger.

I don’t care what it takes, but I swear, I’ll protect her and make her mine, no matter the cost.

Big Bossy Ex’s Brother is a steamy enemies-to-lovers standalone office romance, with forced proximity, light mafia themes, and a HEA.

Book 2: Big Bossy Fake Fiance

My hot one-night stand, with blondie bad boy, turned out to be my new boss.

You’ve got to be freaking kidding me.

My billionaire bad-boy boss is older, unattached, and has a reputation.
The man is cocky, confident, and has eyes only for me.
He also has magic hands.

I’m in big trouble.

I’m busy trying to forget the steamiest night of my life.
And remembering how to breathe, every time I see him in the hall.

Somehow, I agreed to be his fake fiancee.
Now, I’m stuck with him.

We had an agreement.
And we said this was fake.
But his claim on me is very real.
So is the baby I’m now carrying.

Getting pregnant was explicitly against the rules in our contract.
How do I tell Mr. Unattached he’s going to be a baby daddy.

Big Bossy Fake Fiancé is a steamy Enemies to Lovers standalone, with lots of excitement, and a HEA.

Book 3: Big Bossy Billionaire

Killian Holt is my best friend’s brother, my boss, the man I loathe… and my baby daddy.

He was also my first.

The most eligible bachelor in New York.
Hot, accomplished, and wealthy.
And he knows it.

Completely off limits.
Especially for a rule-following, good-girl like me.

We fight constantly, and it’s kind of a turn on.
He’s determined to push my buttons.
Especially, my most sensitive button.

I’m left wondering how something so wrong could feel so right.
Every time I end up under those chiseled abs, he reassures me that I’m such a good girl.

No one can find out about us.
The board would be unforgiving.
Our competitors would be ruthless.

I’m beginning to think this game of cat-and-mouse isn’t a game at all.
Everything I want is conflicting, and someone’s about to get seriously hurt.

Big Bossy Billionaire is a steamy, light mafia, enemies to lovers standalone with a HEA.

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