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It’s time to cross The Finish Line…     

In the third installment of The Finish Line Series – Justice for All – Michael and Ilee are desperate to overcome the obstacles that have been standing between them and their happily ever after. Their mental and emotional fortitude will be tested as they seek justice, both in and out of the courtroom, against those who have wronged them. Simultaneously, Michael and Ilee face the peaks and valleys of life. Elation, gratitude, devastation, rage, passion, and fear take their turns dominating this young couple. Will they be able to survive it all? 



Timarie was born and raised in East Boston, Massachusetts. To this very day, Timarie still only lives a few miles outside of downtown Boston. Since her early teens, Timarie has been a singer/song writer. After university, she continued to work in music, while simultaneously developing her business acumen in the private sector. It wasn’t until shortly after the terrorist attacks at the Boston Marathon finish line, that Timarie’s creative vision for this literary series came into focus.
Timarie continues to work in music, as well as being an active writer. In addition to the books in The Finish Line Series, Timarie has also authored three other books awaiting publication at the time of this printing. It is her hope to show the world that Boston is not just the birthplace of America, but also one of the most diverse, intriguing and culturally rich places in the country. As she always says, “Boston is always a supporting character in all of my books.”
Nothing is more important to Timarie than her family and friends, which includes her beloved Maine Coon, Princess. Timarie is also a fierce advocate for racial, gender and LGBTQ+ equality. She promotes independent thinking and social positivity.

Website: https://timarieiswriting.wixsite.com/website

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/timarie.writes


Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/20707319.Timarie

Twitter: https://twitter.com/TimarieOfficial

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