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I’ve worked a decade for this. I’ve sold my soul and my reputation. I’ve lived a lie, smiled for the cameras, and hated myself, all for this fortune.

And then … she pops up. A mysterious heir with a rap sheet, combat boots, and a mouth that I want to pin shut with my—
It doesn’t matter. I’ve played this game for a decade. I can continue the charade a little longer, keep my hands to myself and her body out of my mind. 

I can keep my secret until the ink dries and everything is mine.
Or not.

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A daring tale of forbidden love, deception, and heartache with a beautiful unexpected happy ever after that spans two delicious books.

Kieran McGregor

I infiltrated the Coghlan crime empire for the pure intent of destruction. I never planned on falling for her.

I’ve watched Carra, wanting, waiting as I angled to deal the blow that would bring her father’s crime ring down.

Guarding her life became my obsession. Protecting her from the evil inside her own home at the root of every decision.

But I could only have a taste of her. Not the forever I craved. She was he ultimate taboo. The threat to everything I’d spent years crafting.

Until the Irish Mob Boss made me an offer I couldn’t refuse. Go down for a crime I didn’t commit in exchange for power, money, and his daughter’s hand.
I finally have a chance to claim her and behead the Coghlan empire with the power and money in the deal.

But she’s not willing to bow to his rule. Good thing I’m not above stealing my betrothed from her father’s estate. Because I’ll do anything to find out if the only good thing I’ve ever known will survive our lies and the cruel hands of time.

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He’s a former thief.

Dimitri’s world is turned upside down when he meets Zamira. The sweet single mom knows nothing about who he used to be. He should stay away, because he’s the last thing she needs in her life. But when she’s targeted by a threat from her past, he can’t keep his distance any longer.

She’s been burned before.

Zamira is a widow raising her twins with the help of her big family. After a devastating betrayal by her deceased husband, dating hasn’t been on her radar in years—until she meets a man who makes her feel alive again. But before she can think about taking the next step with him, a deadly secret threatens to rip her world apart. She knows she can’t handle things alone, yet when Dimitri steps in she realizes he has secrets too. He’s more dangerous than anyone she’s ever met. And the biggest threat he poses is to her heart.

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A Hollywood princess mixing business and pleasure with my hot bodyguard is a headline I’ll gladly live up to.

After a messy breakup, I promised myself—no more dating.
Then my new bodyguard walks in.
He’s nothing like the men in my world.
He’s rugged and real.
But I’m only a job to him.

But the longer we’re forced together, the harder it gets to fight our feelings.
He starts seeing the real me—not the woman plastered all over the tabloids.
So, I make him an offer: a no strings attached relationship that will end as soon as his job is over.
I just wasn’t prepared for him to know my secrets, to fall in love with him, and how hard it’d be when it was time to say goodbye.


Big Sky. Big Dreams. Big Trouble.

A cowboy protector. A woman in hiding. Forced proximity might turn friends to sweethearts if a stalker doesn’t find them first… 

Montana rancher Knox Marshall’s danger years are behind him. A former bull-rider, he now runs the Marshall family ranch, raising champion bucking bulls for the National Professional Bullrider’s Expo (NBR-X). Wealth and success are his, and he’s not looking for trouble.

But trouble is looking for county music star Kelsey Jones. Onstage, the beautiful rising star of the Yankee Belles becomes the person she longs to be – vivacious and confident – burying the brokenness she carries from a violent assault. But her attacker just might be on the loose…

Knox and Kelsey’s paths collide when an explosion at an NBR-X event traps them in the rubble, igniting Knox’s obsession to find the bomber and protect Kelsey…no matter the cost.

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Quietly warn a fellow actress not to be alone with a certain producer and… BOOM.
I’m dumped from Hollywood’s A-list to everyone’s blacklist in the blink of an upload.
So when I accidentally swipe right on my ex, who is still very much a hot commodity in this town, I’m not about to tank his career along with mine.
But Eli has questions, and I just might like the way he plans to wring the answers out of me.

Blacklist Hookup:

On a day when I felt utterly broken, a mistaken identity slip up gave me a single, scorching night with Max Donovan.
He called me gorgeous and asked for my submission.
I gave him control and he gave me endless pleasure…because he thought he’d hired me for the night.
Now he knows I’m not a call girl. I’m a junior lawyer at his new firm, and we absolutely cannot do it again.
One of us needs to be responsible, and it’s not going to be the former child TV star turned best friend to the prime minister.
So why can’t I forget how utterly incredible it was to be at his mercy? And what am I going to do when he takes his pursuit to the next level?

Dr. Bad Boy:

Wanted: One Fake Fiancé

Fake Date the Billionaire? It’s the chance of a lifetime. All I have to do is convince this guy to give his estranged father a second chance and my college tuition is paid for. How hard can it be?

Too bad the guy in question drives me crazy. He’s blunt and reckless and drives me insane. But he’s also loyal and kind with an unexpected soft spot for rescue cats. What am I supposed to do with that? Suddenly I’m not sure what a million dollars is worth. Once he finds out why I’m here, he’ll never look at me the same way again.

And all I want is for the guy I’m fake dating to love me for real.

– – –

I live for business. But my parents are threatening to give the empire I’ve spent my entire life building to my brother if I don’t get hitched. They don’t even seem to care that they’ve just put a gold diggers’ target on my back.

Well, if all they want is a wedding, I can do that. I’ll find the fake fiancée of their nightmares. Too loud, too blonde and ready for a good time. Let the games begin.…

Who Wants to Marry a Billionaire?

Resumes accepted here. Must be completely inappropriate.

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Can a disagreeable lawyer and an upbeat young woman find happiness?


My grandmother’s greatest desire was for me to embrace my creativity and find what brings me joy. She left me a sweet apartment and loads of cash to do just that. Except I’m not as creative as I thought and I’m bombing at everything I try. Even worse, the apartment comes with a sourpuss neighbor whose deep scowls and disagreeable attitude make it hard to keep a smile on my face. Yet underneath his stern exterior I find a man just as lonely and confused as me.


My life was going great. After five years I’m about to make partner. Until I don’t get it and my boss informs me that clients don’t like me. Nobody does. Well, maybe one person. My annoyingly chipper neighbor. She’s always happy and inviting me along for silly pottery and paint nights, tapestry weaving, and other such nonsense. I’m the last person in the world capable of bringing someone happiness, but I can’t help wishing for once that I could be the reason she smiles.

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Feuding families, a legacy to prove and redemption…

To fulfill a deathbed promise to her mother, Caitlin Neisson must face her fear of bulls to learn how to be a rodeo bull fighter in order to protect her bull riding-wannabe youngest brother. She also needs to find him a teacher before he puts himself in danger. Too bad the best man for the job is her family’s number one enemy. He has a bad attitude and an even worse reputation. To complicate matters, he’s sexy and she begins to suspect his bad boy reputation hides a warm heart that just might melt the ice in hers.

…there’s more at stake outside the rodeo arena

Bodie Hadley was nearly killed by a bull in a rodeo arena and carries the weight of guilt for the death of another. Can he gain redemption by helping Caitlin, a member of the family his family has been feuding with for decades? Or will the weight of additional guilt crush him if he refuses her plea?

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My father made a deal with the mafia. Now I have to pay the price.
Ivan is trouble. He reminds me every time he makes me scream his name. But for the next year there’s no escaping. My father sold me to him.
I never thought I’d be owned by a hitman for the Russian Mob.
He’s a monster. The worst kind of criminal. But he makes my body tingle every time he caresses me.
He’ll keep me safe from everyone else.
The cost? My total surrender.
I don’t know how I’ll protect my heart from him.



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They’ve found exactly what they weren’t looking for…

Archaeologist Rosalinda Morales is focused more on what’s in the soil and caves of the famed Legacy Ranch, rather than what’s on it—the sexy and charismatic cowboy heir. As a single mom to her special needs son, she knows what it’s like to struggle, so even though Toby Dixon has charm pulsing through his veins, she’s determined to resist.

Despite trying to mend bridges, Toby Dixon’s brothers have no interest in coming home, so he’s taken the reins of his family’s historic cattle ranch. Having vowed to his dying mother to settle down, he’s still considering how to move the company forward when Dr. Morales, armed with a sense of humor, a keen intellect and love for adventure, arrives with her team of students. Suddenly Toby begins to see more possibilities for his family’s ancient land and his future.

Toby can’t flirt his way into Rose’s life. He’ll need to up his game and earn the trust of the woman who isn’t just excavating his soil, but digging into his heart.

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Soleil wakes up in what she can only describe as a dream. Beautiful gowns, castles, and then there was him—the handsome king.

The ceremony. 

Generations of brides have been delivered to the King of Katrauina on their wedding day, wearing nothing save a sheer white gown.

Presented in a glass boat, she is expected to perform the ceremony publicly or be doomed by the gods to the fated curse that will befall the world.

A witch. A curse. A king. A woman.

Percival Dupont has one duty. He has known this since the moment he was born. He is indifferent to this obligation… until he claims his queen. Something is different. She is different. He must be enchanted because there is no feasible way that he has fallen for his own bride.

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Best friends in this life. Even more in her visions of a life before. Will his rockstar dreams tear them apart?

I’ve loved Hunter since the day we met. Now I’ve seen a vision of our past together — long before that day in first grade. But Hunter doesn’t believe my vision, and my feelings for him have made things complicated. And that was before his band got its big break. Now, every step he takes toward superstardom feels like he’s leaving me further behind.

At 15, I was cut adrift, my mother gone, my father casting me aside. The only things that matter to me are my guitar and my best friend, Brighid, who’s always been there for me. But she had this dream, and now she thinks we belong together, as more than friends. Even before my band started taking off, I knew I couldn’t belong with anyone — especially not her. I have to keep her safe, even when what I’m keeping her safe from is me.

Two best friends.
Two soulmates.
A rock-and-roll dream becoming reality, and a romantic dream evaporating in the heat of the spotlight. Bringing both their dreams together in a happily-ever-after could require divine intervention.

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Sometimes loving your enemy is dangerously easy…

Roberto Giovanni is infamous for breaking the rules.

His reputation is chaos and defiance.

I’m his polar opposite.

I need everything to be perfect.

But when I’m with him? The only thing I need is…well, him.

Which is deadly because we’re born enemies.

Our families have been in a feud for generations,

but for now, we have to work together.

This truce is temporary, which means we can’t get attached.

But the lines have been crossed.

And now we’re in too deep.

Falling for my sworn enemy is dangerous.

I need to stop everything building between us.

But it’s already too late.

Because I’m carrying his baby, and no one can know about it.

Not even him.

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She thinks she’s broken and I’m the one to fix her.
As an ex-Navy SEAL there are a few guarantees in life.
Avoiding relationships is one of them. Dealing with PTSD is another.
So when I come across the Reckless Bastards MC, it’s perfect for a man like me.
Last thing I expect is to encounter Jana Carter at a painting class.
Don’t ask why I was there.
I can hardly keep my eyes off of her.
She’s a shy, sultry vixen, and she grabs a hold of me so hard, I can’t let go.
But, I don’t expect to fall for any women—much less find one who can deal with me and my messed up past.
Just when I thought I’d built strong walls around my heart, I discover her walls are reinforced with steel.
She’s so pure, so innocent—and hard.
Against all the odds, I want her.
I’ll do anything to have her, to make her mine.

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She’s a thief. He’s a grifter. Game on.

For Natalia Levin, life as a professional art thief is everything she hoped it would be. She travels the world, the pay is fantastic, and she gets to work in sweet, sweet solitude. But when a rival crew reaches out about joining forces to steal the one painting she’s always dreamed of, that’s an invitation she can’t resist.

Natalia figures it’ll be easy to keep the new crew at arm’s length, but her plans hit a snag when she meets their leader: smooth-talking grifter Diego Cabrera. He’s a liar, a con man, and too slick for his own good, but he’s beguiling and handsome and one hell of a storyteller. Too bad she’s going to screw him over, anyway…

But as Diego cranks up the charm, Natalia’s finding it harder and harder to keep up her charade. Not because she can’t outwit him, but because she’s starting to do the one thing she told herself she’d never do: trust him.

With passions igniting, Natalia is starting to realize she’s made a terrible mistake: she put her heart on the line while playing a confidence game.



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