Review Policy

All the thoughts and opinions are my own and all reviews are my honest opinion. Unfortunately, some books/stories are just not for me.

I do try to post positive elements in my reviews and not focus on the parts that I don’t like. Again, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, good or not so good.

If you are an author and want me to delete a review, I will gladly do so. Email me with your request. However, I won’t lie or change my review.

I will start by saying I’m not a fan of the whole star rating system. Sometimes a gal just needs a half, or a fourth. I was appalled when an author told me a 3 star rating was considered a fail in Amazon.

As of now I use the emoji system for my reviews:

❤️ Love/like

🔥 Heat

💋 Sexy

No emojis equals no love.