MY REVIEW of Welcome to the Dark Side

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ A beautiful love story and a deadly MC story all in one fantastic read. I was so looking forward to Zeus’ story after Lessons in Corruption and this does not disappoint. I love this author’s writing! It’s authentic, exciting and just terrific. And OMG Zeus! You just knew he would be ‘out of the box’ with his love story. Loulou was so beautifully developed and just perfect for Zeus. The beginning of their love story could have been really disturbing but Giana handled it to perfection. Our couple loved each other before sex was introduced. And oh, the sex! It left me breathless! Zeus is the man of all men. There’s nothing like a man that tastes like whiskey and tobacco. Yum! Besides a beautiful love story there is the thrilling MC plot. This is a real MC story. Blood, violence, strippers, guns, knives, drugs, shoot outs and all that a true MC story should be. Loved it! So many great characters to choose from for the next story. MC brothers, H.R. and strippers. Can’t wait!

You don’t need to read Lessons in Corruption (Zeus’ son’s story) to enjoy this book but I would recommend reading it at some point because it’s terrific and you get a preview of Zeus and his power.

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