🔥🔥 NEW RELEASE 🔥🔥 Final Serenade, The Encore Duet #1 by N.N. Britt is LIVE! + My Review

Release Date: April 16
A secret affair with your teenage celebrity crush? Yes, please!
Music journalist Cassy Evans believes her career is made when she snags an exclusive interview with rock singer Frankie Blade.
Once a superstar of the generation, Frankie has been a recluse since a freak motorcycle incident sent his career into a tailspin seven years ago. Now that he’s returned to claim back his crown, Cassy hopes to kill two birds with one stone—secure her magazine a top spot in the rankings and meet with the man of her adolescent dreams.
A dinner invitation isn’t what she expects to get out of this interview, but the chemistry between them is undeniable.
With paparazzi watching Frankie’s every move as the two jump into a stormy relationship, Cassy risks her career and her privacy—and possibly her heart—to be with the biggest rockstar on the planet. But is Frankie worth it? Is he the humble man she thinks he is or is he just that good at hiding his demons?
Final Serenade is the first installment in “The Encore” series. Cassy and Frankie’s story concludes in One Last Verse.
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One Last Verse is coming May 14th! 

The conclusion of Cassy & Frankie’s story!
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Rockstar heaven! This author gives us such beautiful words that paints a picture of these spectacular characters, their struggles, triumphs and heartbreak in a way that leaves no room to guess as to who they are. It’s all right there in Ms. Britt’s outstanding storytelling and character development. Her words wrap around my heart and make me tingle! This story of an aging rock god and his second coming after a horrific accident and the rock and roll journalist that catches his eye is nothing short of excellent. Frankie aka Frank needs something normal in his life after decades of living the sex, drugs and rock n roll life. His new reality dictates that he find a different way to live. Enter Cassy, the journalist that makes her living finding the scoop and reporting to fans of the artists. It’s a conflict for her to entertain a relationship with this rock god but what woman could pass up the opportunity to live out her teen rock god wet fantasies? Not this smart gal. It’s Frankie Blade! These two magnificent characters are on opposite sides and it’s a struggle to keep their relationship hidden but Cassy career depends on it. Oh, this is one hot couple! Heart throbbing sexiness and toe curling romance! But as these two become more involved it’s becomes harder to maintain their secrecy. Especially from Cassy ‘s co-worker, Levi and her teen brother, Ashton. Both are terrific characters. I love the growth of Ashton from knucklehead waster to competent intern of Levi and Cassy’s publication, Rewired. The secondary characters are fantastic even the shady ones. Yes, I’m calling out band mate Dante. I would love a story about him. The sex-on-a-stick guitar god! The ending was an OMG cliffhanger that left me with a few tears and wanting morethis fabulous story. Can’t wait for the next installment!
Meet N.N. Britt

N.N. Britt is a Los Angeles-based music journalist and photographer. 

Her photos have graced t-shirts, billboards, and CD covers. She pens realistic, thought-provoking novels about today’s world of art and music and the flawed people who live in it. When she’s not writing or drinking coffee, she’s probably reading or attending a heavy metal show.   

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