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Vengeance (Book 1 in The Vindicator Series) 

I often wondered if Vengeance came with a price. I never cared, not after the torture I’ve endured. 

For me, Vengeance is best served through the eyes of my scope. The twitch of my finger. The pull of a trigger.The death of someone who deserves to die. 

Revenge, retribution, and retaliation are all that come
to mind. Cruel and brutal punishment for the hell inflicted on my family is all I’ve ever been able to think about. 

The betrayal fresh in my mind years later, reminding me of the day my world came crashing down.

I lost everything. 

The woman I loved.

My sister.

My parents.


You know what else I say about Vengeance? I t’s best served frozen. No side dish of compassion. No extra helping of warning.

No dessert called a second chance. 

The price I want for it.Is written in blood.

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