🔥🔥HOT NEW RELEASE🔥🔥 NO WAY OUT by Amy McKinley!! + My Review

Release Date: August 30

An action-packed mafia romance about secrets, arranged marriage, and redemption by USA Today Bestselling author Amy McKinley.

Max’s endgame is clear—take back what’s rightfully his and punish those who have wronged him.

Under the guise of assassin Matteo Trambino, Max infiltrates a vital arm of the Chicago Mafia to protect his Sicilian mentor’s granddaughter, Liliana, from her dangerous father. What should be easy changes when they come face-to-face, and he realizes he can never walk away. 

Born into one of the most powerful families in the Cosa Nostra, Liliana Brambilla is a pawn in her father’s bid for power, unable to leave until he sets her free. The only means of escape is trading one prison for another in the form of her father’s choice of husband. 

When her father assigns a new bodyguard, her trust is tentative. She thinks he’s her enemy. The truth is, Max is her savior.
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Started slow but finished with a bang. The first few chapters were a little plodding and slow but it soon picked up with a fast paced race to the end. Lots of action, danger and intrigue with a new made man taking his place with the Chicago Five Families. He’s a legacy with a vengeance and on a mission. I really liked Max as the baddie boss-in-the-nmaking with his dangerous skills and handsome face. His insta for our fabulous heroine Liliana was a little much for me. Lil was terrific as a woman with a horrible father but fabulous gal pals and family friends. I loved her fight and passion. Her group of peers are excellent as they band together to right wrongs and get the truth about a loved one. This next generation of the Five are so much better than the ones now in power. And they’re looking to take over. The attraction was instant between Max and Lil and the love soon followed and by the end I was thrilled by this sexy couple. I was a little put off by the materialistic elements at the beginning and later when I wanted details there were none. I mean, delicious Max would have given his bride a huge ring but there was nothing. What started out as descriptions of everything Lil wore down to her lipstick ended with not much when I wanted to know. Anyhoo. I like the villains versus the good guys in the story with a few surprise twists. The gal pals were fabulous as they held their own and banded together for right. Tough, deadly and beautiful! A few pairings are obvious for future stories. Lots of hot hunks to come in this series and I’m looking forward to the next installment. Worth the read!

Meet Amy McKinley

Amy McKinley is the USA Today Bestselling Author of the romantic suspense thriller Gray Ghost Novels, Moonlit Destination series, Deadly Isles Special Ops, Five Fates paranormal romance series, and several stand-alone titles.

Her edge-of-your-seat books are filled with surprising twists and just the right amount of heat and danger. 

She lives in Illinois with her husband, two daughters, two sons, and three mischievous cats. 

You can find her at www.AmyMcKinley.com

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