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Escape Mission (Alpha Tactical Ops Book 1) Escape Mission (Alpha Tactical Ops Book 1)

A feisty parolee and jilted ex-army hero must work together to escape a deadly corporation. . . if they don’t kill each other first.

When hot-headed Zena’s parole conditions lead her to the local turtle breeding ground to investigate the decline in hatchlings, she and her sister make an unexpected and horrific discovery. Now they’re dodging bullets and running for their lives, and there’s only one person who can help: her sister’s ex-boyfriend.

A failed mission robbed ex-army hero, Blade, of both his best friend and his military career. Desperate for a distraction from his shattered life, he agrees to rescue the sisters. But saving them has Blade fighting on two fronts. One is his unwanted attraction to Zena. The other is escaping a merciless corporation that pushes Blade and his team past their limit.

Will they complete their mission? Or will Zena and Blade die trying to save each other?

Fans of Janie Crouch and Rebecca Zanetti will love the adrenaline rush and steamy romance packed into Escape Mission, book 1 of the Alpha Tactical Ops series!

Scroll up and one click to start reading this thrilling military romantic suspense today! No cliff-hangers, and a happily ever after guaranteed!

Download Escape Mission today

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