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๐Ÿ’–Grab Brutal Lies for $0.99:…

This was not part of my plan.

Enrolling at Pacific Prep was supposed to gain me freedom and a feeling of control over my life. Buried truths are being revealed, and my goals are becoming less clear by the day.

My entire life, Iโ€™ve wanted a family; wanted to know if I had one out there. Iโ€™ve craved answers and now that Iโ€™m getting them, I donโ€™t know if Iโ€™m ready.

I have a brother, a family.
Sadly, the knowledge of that isnโ€™t comforting, because I canโ€™t trust them.
The same distrust extends to the guys that are invading every aspect of my life. Suddenly, theyโ€™re everywhere, demanding the truth from my lips and tugging at a heart thatโ€™s been cold for far too long.

Will the truth set me free, or rip me apart?


Pacific Prep is a dark academy bully RH series with:

โžฐ FMC with a traumatic past

โžฐ Assassins & criminal organisations

โžฐ Lots of steamy scenes

โžฐ Deception and lies at every turn 

๐Ÿ’–Start the series today:

๐Ÿ’–Grab Brutal Lies for $0.99:…

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