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A sexy Navy SEAL faces a tempting bargain…

After an accident on his last mission, Navy SEAL Zachary Raybourn has been relegated to babysitting duty. He’s spent the last six months guarding the princess of a tiny nation—a girl so valuable to the US, she can’t leave her house without him trailing after her. All he wants is to get back to his team, ASAP.

Esme Hollycombe is desperate to stop her scheming cousin from seizing the throne. But her country’s law states only a man can rule. An obscure legal code allows her to govern in the stead of any male heir she gives birth to. But Esme is unmarried, and definitely not pregnant. Then again, she has been assigned a smoking hot SEAL protector…

Esme offers Zachary a deal: provide her with an heir, and he can have his old life back. It all sounds crazy to Zachery… But he can’t deny, the more time he spends with her, the more their attraction grows.

Now, he’ll have to choose between the military family he lost, and the new family he’s building with Esme…

The SEAL’s Contract Baby is 99c till July 27th.

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Only love can heal a broken heart…

When rancher Carter Janus first sets eyes on his new physical therapist, he almost sends her packing. Willow Spalding is drop dead gorgeous, and way too much of a distraction to have on his ranch. But when her young son Tavish lights up around the horses, Carter just can’t bring himself to disappoint the little guy. He tells himself it’s only until he heals, and can get back in the saddle. But he quickly realizes just how lonely he was before Willow and Tavish came into his life.

Recently divorced, Willow jumps at the chance to get away from her abusive ex and spend some time working on a remote ranch—even if the sexy rancher is a grump. Besides, it’s clear that something about this country haven is making her boy happy. And after a smoldering night of passion, her relationship with Carter quickly becomes more than just therapist and patient.

But when her angry ex stalks her to the ranch, Willow is forced to wonder…Is Carter better off without her? Or were they meant to be together all along…

Healing the Rancher is 99c till July 27th.

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She walked into my bakery and my dough wasn’t the only thing rising…

Long legs, a big chest, and perfect, round buns.
I’d give anything to roll with her and that adorable muffin top she’s packing.

There’s just one problem… and that’s the Irish mob jerk who thinks he owns her.
To hell with that.

If she’s gonna have a bun in her oven… it’s gonna be mine.

He’s a bad boy with a bakery. She’s a BBW with a bar.
Muffin Top. It’s a love story… with a twist!

Muffin Top is action-packed and sinfully steamy. Kick back and relax with this delicious Navy SEAL meets curvy girl tale that’s sure to satisfy your sweet tooth!

The classic Muffin Top is on sale for a limited time!

Add it to your collections for only 99c!

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❄️He ploughed a path straight to her heart…❄️

Zack Maynard likes to keep things simple in his small town: he runs his care home for the elderly, spends his evenings at his brother’s bar and climbs the hills and peaks of his area. His life is going just fine until Severton’s newest resident opens her hotel, steals his builders, complicates his life and makes him crave more than just her baking.

Sorrell Slater thought she’d be starting her hotel with a husband; instead she’s in a new town, with a new business and trying to begin a new life as a single woman, and she isn’t entirely sure she can do it. However, Severton isn’t a place that lets anyone struggle on their own, and Zack is more than happy to be her tour guide. As much as she tries to keep him in the friend zone, his persistent charm keeps ploughing through her barriers, right towards her heart. 

But Severton is a town of secrets, ones that have been buried beneath the caves and peaks of the area. As independent as she’s become, this time Sorrell might just need Zack’s help to escape something deadlier than she thought a small town could hide.

Sleighed is the first book in the Severton Search and Rescue Series.

Sleighed is currently on sale in the US and UK for just 0.99 through Tuesday. If you need something to beat the heat, then dive into Christmas in Severton, although there will be plenty of scenes to heat you up in a different way!


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