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Rendezvous with the Enemy (Venturi Mafia, #0.5)

Celebrating her high school graduation with a trip to the French Riviera, Mia Montecelli is determined to push past the cautious tendencies that being part of a highly prominent Italian family has instilled.

There’s no better way than a steamy summer romance with Teo, the gorgeous man she met on the beach. They agree to keep things casual, exchanging first names and nothing more.

Accompanied by a bodyguard sent to watch over her, getting the summer adventure Mia craves will be a challenge. The couple must get creative with ways to see one another. But Teo has more secrets than Mia realizes and sneaking around with him may introduce her to more danger than she’s ready for.

Warning: This story contains intense violence, attempted SA, sexual situations, strong language, and other situations that may be disturbing for some readers. Intended for adults 18+


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