99c BoxSet!!!

One world. Three great first-in-series novels.

The Night Stalkers – The Night Is Mine
Back when Special Operations belonged solely to men, one woman piloted helicopter missions too masterfully to keep her out. Emily Beale and her commander, Mark Henderson, fought side by side. Little did they know that an assignment to save the President would drive them together in a whole new way.

Firehawks – Pure Heat
The wildfires are burning and heliborne firefighters take on the battle. But far greater dangers lie hidden in the Oregon forest than fire. Emily and Mark, retired from the Night Stalkers, lead a new team into the flames. Can the team survive the heat?

Delta Force – Target Engaged
Michael Gibson, the most skilled soldier of the secretive Delta Force, flew for years with Emily and Mark. Under his watchful eye a new team, including the first woman, qualify for “The Unit.” The first assignment—take on the government-run Venezuelan drug cartel. The recruits soon discover that both their lives and their hearts are on the line.

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