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Vengeful Captor by Autumn Archer!


“Is this what you want?” he growls.

“Why are you doing this to me?” 
His eyes darken with a density that matches the grim jungle at midnight. 

“Because you’re intoxicating, and I haven’t craved a woman in so long.” His tone drops to a husky murmur. My stomach burns. “And because we both want it, you and I.”

“I hate you,” I whisper.

“But this—this you like,” he bites out. 

Our lips never meet. 

Our gaze never breaks. 

Our hatred never lessens. Yet furious passion thrives when I relent to the mania hissing under my skin, and he rewards it with overbearing control. 

“Kiss me,” I beg. “That’s what I want from you.” 

He looks up, and instantly our gazes fuse. “Can I trust you, beija flor?”  

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I was stolen by a man I thought was my savior. 

Now I’m his prisoner in the Amazon jungle.

El Fantasma isn’t just roaming in the rainforest; he’s built an invitation-only, exclusive resort that’s not the oasis it appears to be. It’s a hideout where he plots the cruelest revenge for the narcos who ruined his life. Once you’ve witnessed the cartel criminal in his wild territory and unearthed his true identity, you’ll never leave alive.

When a tropical storm leads to a feverish injury, I shoot a flare through the trees. But I never expected a man like him would come to my rescue. In my delirium, I think my captor is my hero, but in the humid shade of swaying palms, he’s a villainous bully.

I’ve met the ghost of a man who commands privacy. And his sights are set on me. He’s convinced the world that my corpse was carried away in the river. So no one’s coming to save me. Which means I’ll never get home to my family in Scotland––unless I save myself.

The world may think I’m already dead, but if I try to escape him, I really will be.

Except now I have nothing to lose.

Vengeful Captor is the hot and explosive first book in the Jungle Oasis Trilogy by USA Today Bestselling Author Autumn Archer. It’s an enemies-to-lovers, captive romance that fans of Pepper Winters and Giana Darling are sure to enjoy! This epic saga follows one couple through a passionate, love-hate, heart-pounding journey with a guaranteed HEA in the final book, Vengeful Lover. 

Previously published as Fever

TW: this trilogy contains kidnapping, stalker vibes, violence, dark themes of romance, human trafficking and references to suicide.

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