The Marriage Arrangement is FREE!!

Our engagement? Fake.
Our wedding? 100% Fake.
It’s all a ruse to stop my best friend from getting married.
Problem is, falling for Skylar in real life wasn’t part of this plan.

Let’s start back at the beginning, though.
Hi. I’m Luke Rutledge, and I have a plan to stop my friend Ryan’s marriage to a she-devil: I’ll fake a relationship, from start to finish, making sure it ends in a horrible breakup. That way, he’ll see exactly where he’s headed with his own two eyes.
Problem is, I need a girl who will play along as my girlfriend, fiancé, and wife. Enter my best female friend, Skylar Houston.
Sky and I are opposites.
I’m tall, she’s fun sized.
I’m a baseball jock headed for the majors, she’s joining the Peace Corps.
But after a few months of faking this relationship together, something strange happens.
I start to fall for Sky. Like really fall for her.
Turns out that faking this breakup—this divorce—is going to be the most difficult thing I’ve ever done in my life. Because I don’t want to let her go. If I get my way, I won’t.
And it was all because of Operation Rock Block.

The Marriage Arrangement is Book 1 of The Arrangement Duet. It is a friends to lovers, steamy new adult contemporary romance.

Read The Marriage Arrangement for free today.

The Marriage Arrangement free for a very limited time.

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