99c!! Savage Bites: The Complete Series Box Set!

Feed your deepest fantasies with three intertwined sensual and spicy mafia romance tales from bestselling author Teresa Wolf.


A Stalker Husband Mafia Romance
I find this gorgeous babe who stirs something deep within me. Watching her makes me feel amazing.

Imagine my shock when I discover she’s the woman I’m supposed to marry.

The only reason I’m even considering marrying her is because it’s the only way to end the generations-long feud between our families. But she’s far too young, and I hate the idea of being tied down.

And no wife of mine is going to be a camgirl.

Still, watching her ignites a fire deep within me, one that I can’t quench.

I can’t take my eyes off her.


A Hate to Love Jealous Mafia Romance
Sera has no idea who I really am. She’s convinced that I’m just a small-town, ordinary boy. But I’m the infamous lost Salvatore brother.

She may have charmed my heart, but now she hates me with a passion. The funny thing is, I’m starting to like it…

Hostage or not, our chemistry is impossible – and soon, neither of us will be able to resist.


A Forbidden Stepbrother Mafia Romance
I can’t believe I’ve slept with my stepsister. We agree to keep the whole thing under wraps… but stepsister or not, I can’t get her out of my head.

But there’s a mole hiding in the shadows – and when all Hell breaks loose during the wedding, we’re thrust into more danger than ever.

My soon-to-be stepsister swears that she doesn’t need my protection.

But the more she resists me, the more I want her…

99c or Read FREE in Kindle Unlimited!

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