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The Bodyguard, The Actress, and the Matchmaking Ghost…

This is book eight in this series, but the contemporaries start on book five. I hope you enjoy my matchmaking ghost and the Burnett family. 

Texas billionaire Tucker Burnett keeps his international acclaimed security business and personal life separate even when he’s protecting the world’s most beautiful women. When his client is almost killed, he takes her to the only place where he knows she’ll be safe – his family’s ranch – and hopes his ancestral ghost behaves herself.

Kendra Woods is the biggest star in Hollywood, but she’s got a secret. Someone wants her dead. When her handsome bodyguard whisks her away to the boonies, she’s more than a little miffed. Especially, when he gives her exactly what she needs.

When she leaves the lure of Hollywood behind, the Burnett ghost insists that Kendra can have the family she’s always longed for with the man who would lay down his life for her, but can she give up the life of luxury and fame to be a rancher’s wife?

Does their love have a ghost of a chance?


Defender of Walls is FREE!

Keep her inside. Keep her alive.

Blake Suttone has a stomach full of grief and no food. A decade of famine has taken its toll on the splintered kingdom, but it is the merchants who suffer most. A wall stands between the hungry and the food, and the kingdom’s defenders stand guard atop it. Desperate times lead to desperate acts, and Blake will do whatever is necessary to ensure her family survives. But a growing attachment to a certain commander was never part of the plan. Now the man protecting the walls seems determined to guard her too.

Commander Harlan Wright was raised on a diet of training and discipline. His mind is calloused and his heart closed. These are not faults in a defender but assets. Harlan’s path is clear, until he meets a merchant girl who pulls him in a dangerous new direction. Blake might be a fighter, but she is fighting a losing battle. As the walls continue to go up, Harlan must choose between head and heart, duty and love.

This is the first book in the medieval dystopian series Kingdom of Walls. If you enjoy high-emotion romance with plenty of action, then this dark star-crossed lovers tale is for you.

Grab your copy from Amazon, Apple Books, B&N, Google Play or Kobo before the price goes up.

Get your FREE copy of My Bad Boy NAVY SEAL!
Escape into the world of Steamy Romance with EX- NAVY SEAL Bad Boy Jake.

Never date a much older man; especially when he’s your best friend’s brother.

It’s my first day at my dream job and I meet the head of security who’s also my new neighbor.

Jake is the grumpy, annoying, tatted Bad Boy Ex-NAVY SEAL who your mom warns you to stay away from.

He’s opposite of everything I want in a man, but my heart still skips a beat when he’s around me.

One night he offers to take me home, but we take a detour to his apartment for drinks and let’s just say there were fireworks without it being the fourth of July.

I’m not sure what’s worse: having to face Jake professionally after that night, or that he’s my best friend’s older brother I didn’t know he had.

Will I lose my job and my friendship, or will I finally take a chance on what I really want…..

Even if he is a decade older!


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